McDull Me & MyMum(Movie)[2014]
《McDull Me & MyMum》(Movie)[2014]
McDull Me & MyMum(Movie)[2014]

McDull Me & MyMum (Movie)[2014]

Area: Hong Kong | Mainland China Language: Mandarin | Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 2014
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Animation | Family

《McDull Me & MyMum》Episodes

In the rundown corners of the city, the old police officer with a heavy head on the top of his head has been in employment for 30 years. Although many major cases have been broken and bruises have been covered in bullets, his family situation is a mess. His wife divorced him, his son too stinky. Contrary to the old police, Bo Bi (Huang Lei) is in full swing. The FBI invited him to give lectures and the related animation hit. Bo Bi has become a Sherlock Holmes' presence. In some cases of murder in the chamber, the old police forced to Bo Bo investigation. Why Bo Bi is so powerful, all this seems to be related to his mother, Mai Tai (Sandra Ng dub). Under the admiration of his little children, Bo Bi's thoughts return to childhood, Mai Dou (Zhang Zhengzhong dubbing) and the mom's happy happy childhood, all the good are already doomed ...

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