Avalokitesvara (Movie)[2005]

Area: China Mainland Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2005
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Crime


A beautiful and pleasant music attracted golden, graceful, dedication of thousands of Avalokitesvara, she gestures, all to give people a safe and happy peace and harmony of the good mood ...... However, people are immersed in the joy of happiness All are intoxicated moment, reported Temple Shrine shrine on the shrine - Avalokitesvara actually missing. In the meantime, a message came from the Hong Kong Kowloon International Collection Auction that China's Avalokitesvara quoted a base of 130 million U.S. dollars worth of exhibits aroused the attention and concern of the cultural circles of various countries in the world. However, it is astonishing news Again, the Avalokitesvara at the show turned out to be not real - but a fake. Donghai Public Security Bureau immediately received instructions from the Ministry of Public Security to ensure that before the end of the Jiulongwan International Auction on June 15, a thousand treasures of Guanyin will be recovered, giving the people and countries a satisfactory answer. This golden diamond-studded Avalokitesvara is the early years of India's Bodhidharma crossed the sea to go to China to carry forward the spirit of Buddhism fraternity and worship, for many years has been for the people of all countries and cultural, religious reverence . However, a group of selfish desire to expand extremely greedy social scum actually quietly premeditated this heinous ...

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