My Chou Niang(Movie)[2007]
《My Chou Niang》(Movie)[2007]

《My Chou Niang》Cast

Wang DaChun Nic Chiang Play)

Wang DaChun, a young migrant worker, was favored by Zhao XiaoXu, a college student who was later married to Zhao XiaoXu. But in the face of biological mother, would like to admit it. In the face of his wife, let it go. Has been suppressed by living, and finally touched by his mother's move, finally admitted his mother.

Nic Chiang

Hongen Jiang is a native of Zhaoan, Zhangzhou, Fujian. Born on October 30, 1970 in Pingtung, Taiwan, China Taiwanese actor and singer. In 1989, he appeared in the show business circle in his first TV series "See the Postman for Bells." In 1994, he appeared in the Taiwan TV series "The Water Margin in Taiwan", which used to be the background of Taiwan's recovery period. In 1998, he was the host of TV station "Taiwan Expedition". In 2000, he took the men's Lung Fei on the 8th spot "Flying the Dragon". In 2003, he played the men's number one in the commercial war emotion drama “WhereA GoodMan Goes” and played two roles: Liu Ming Lang and Yuan Feng Lang. In 2005, he starred in China Star's "The Sun of Life". In 2007, in the urban sentiment drama "My Chou Niang", he played the title of Wang Dachun, the man's first series of Hongen Jiang's official march into the mainland. In 2008, he took the men's number one in the emotional drama "See You Alang" and played the twin brothers Jin Liu and Jin Liu Peng in the play. In 2009, he played the man No.1 Wang Baoqiang in the urban emotional drama “My Ugly”. In 2011, the first personal music album "Wish" was released. In 2013, he starred in the emotional drama “Rujin”. In 2014, he starred in the new Beast Train.

Zhao XiaoXu Yifei Feng Play)

An ordinary urban migrant worker. By coincidence, Wang DaChun, a man who came from rural areas, has paid special attention to the appearance of her boyfriend and her family because of her parents' death. In addition, Wang DaChun takes special care of Zhao XiaoXu. Both people fall in love and love Zhao XiaoXu's Wang DaChun's vanity and abandonment of his girlfriend several times for having a Chou Niang led him to hide from Zhao XiaoXu the fact that he had Chou Niang in his home, saying he himself was both parents. Later, Zhao XiaoXu was pregnant. Her pregnancy reaction was very strong. Chou Niang was reluctant to eat her own food. She secretly put good things in front of Zhao XiaoXu's home window. Unexpectedly, it was discovered by Jin Lan (nanny of Li JianPing) Chou Niang was seriously ill for this reason.

Yifei Feng

Liu Yifei, birth name An Feng, legal name Liu Ximeizi, also known as Crystal Liu, is a Chinese actress, model and singer. Liu is widely known as "Fairy Sister" in the entertainment industry for her sweet and delicate image.

Mei XiuYing Qinqin Li Play)

Zhang WenJian's wife. Husband away, a small income, she abruptly played against this home, resisting the bed collapsed her mother-in-law. She complained that she was wronged. Seven years later, she persevered. Although her husband had ever betrayed her, she finally took her hand back to her paralyzed husband and took good care of her. She awakened her husband with love.

Qinqin Li

Qinqin Li, born in Beijing on May 2, 1963, graduated from Beijing Film Academy and an actress in Mainland China. In 1984, the first Chinese-American co-production movie "Beijing story", starred in the 1989 biography movie "Kawashima Founder", after starring in TV series. 2001 in Jin Yong martial arts drama "Swordsman." In 2004 with the starring movie "Kara is a dog" won the fourth Chinese film and television actress Best Supporting Actress. In 2005 the Republic of China love drama "Jinghua clouds." In 2010 starred in urban life drama "When mother-in-law met mom." 2012 starring family ethics comedy "happy mother's life." 2016 starring "affection warm heart", cinemas "my agent Grandpa."

Li JianPing Tianlai Hou Play)

A company CEO, because of an accidental opportunity to meet Chou Niang, because Chou Niang looks like his mother, they recognize Chou Niang as their own dry mother. He is very generous, very good to Chou Niang and Chou Niang as his biological mother. He knew that Spring was Chou Niang's child, but he did not reveal the secret either.

Tianlai Hou

Tianlai Hou is a national first-rate actor. He was born in Kuancheng District, Changchun City, Jilin Province in 1958. He graduated from Ji Ye's Im Ye-jin College of Art in 1982 and is currently working at August First Film Studio. In 1998, starring Chen Jialin's war history drama Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. In 2001, he starred in the second "Anti-Corruption Trilogy" "JueBuFangGuoNi" directed by Xianhe Lei. In 2003, a “very small courtyard” directed by Liu Yancheng and reflecting an isolated courtyard house during the period of “SARS” was photographed. In 2005, he starred in the anti-spyware theme "National secret" and played the spy leader "Vulture Eagle." In 2007, Mou's Manor was created based on Mou's Manor's true historical background. In 2009, he shot "The Brothers and Brothers" about the battle between brothers and brothers. In April 2010, Cao Xuan, the first Chinese anti-corruption drama “Hongwu big case” directed by Cao Dong, was shown in 2011. He produced the first Tiffany, which features Tiffany's paintings as his main theme. In 2012, he filmed "The Battle of Life and Death at Shanghai Beach" directed by Qing Zhao. In 2013, he starred in the novel "OneandEight" adapted from the poet Guo Xiaochuan's narrative poem novel. In 2014, he took part in the shooting of the realistic military-based work "Eagle Blades" by Yong Diao's Chinese Dream Jun Qiang. In 2014, he starred in the movie “TheAngel:ThePrescriptionforLife” jointly produced by Bayi Film Studio and 302 Hospital.

More My Chou Niang Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Chou Niang Wang DaChun's mother Aster, widowed early, a man pulled his son big. Because her son is getting married, she sold her pension house and came to her son's city. However, the son did not dare to admit this mother explicitly, and she paid her son's family in silence. Later, overwhelmed, fell ill.
Haiqiong Luo Xu QianQian No introduction
Xiaoning Zheng Zhang WenJian No introduction
Jiajia Liu Jin Lan No introduction
Ying Li Wang SiMeng No introduction
Haiyan Zhang Yang Liu No introduction
Liu Miao Dan Dan No introduction
Dasht-e Lut Sun LiFang No introduction
Lin Tao Zhang Zong No introduction
Dakota Fanning Zhu ChiRen No introduction
Chang Minqing Xiao Xiu No introduction
Zhang Deli Yan HongYi No introduction
Liu Wen Pang Shen No introduction
Xiaodan Yang Shou LouYuan No introduction
(None) Liu Zong No introduction
(None) Zhang Mu No introduction
Wusheng industry Er BoGong No introduction
(None) Hu Shi No introduction
(None) Jiao Jiao No introduction
(None) You NianZhaoXiaoXu No introduction

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