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Theatre + ballad making another music form theatre ballad season begins soon

Linkeddb News November 8State map by Beijing culture and art co., LTD., cui type music (Beijing) co., LTD., Beijing to Ken a gen international culture development co., LTD., covering star (Beijing) international culture media co., LTD., jointly organized the "2018 Chinese folk tour. Small theater folk season, this month 23 state map art center in Beijing. At present, the performance preparation has entered the white-hot stage, the backstage preparation work is basically ready, the performance guests have also been in place.

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The performance of "2018 Chinese ballad tour. Small theater ballad season" is an annual communication and promotion project of Beijing cultural and art fund and an important part of the series of activities of 2018 Beijing international pop music week.

Folk songs, as a kind of simple, real, close to the heart, easy to form the singer music form of interaction with the audience, from the date of birth, has a broad mass base, Chinese folk songs with independent, stubborn attitude through the 40 years of development, the rise in recent years, folk music and folk musician collective outbreak that theater season folk tour arises at the historic moment, bring into the theater, "folk song" in the form of a formal is performed for the first time presented to the audience, bring singer and the audience is not the same as audio-visual experience, hope to the good original folk music to encourage, to provide them with more space to grow up, Add to the local music's prosperity and development.

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Beijing guotu folk song season performance, invited a number of well-known folk singers, such as "yilan love story" fire across the north and south of the northeast folk representative fang lei, in" SingMySong The colourful representative of yu-language ballads Mat Yeung Yi, as well as music, video, the king of seven seven and so on, they will present their masterpieces on the scene, which is worth waiting for. At present each big ticket website all is selling tickets, the folk song fan can order by oneself.

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