The legend of the yang ling of ming dynasty' has released a new film, jiang jinfu.

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Linkeddb News October 11Recently, by ciwen media dongyang purple wind production, Tmall, youku joint production, famous writers Month off "The legend of the Ming dynasty", an adaptation of the novel of the same name, released the latest trailers, clever camera switching, and high-burning music, many fans of the original fans excited to wait for the broadcast. The play was produced by the producer The original sun , the general director Xu Jinliang Together with many stars, the famous costume and styling masterChen Min 'erIt is following up the whole process, and jointly created this ancient costume IP drama which is highly anticipated by the audience.

 Trailers starting Jiang Jinfu The high energy of the British is in the limelight

The series tells the story of Yang ling, the scholar of xuanhua government, who drove out the manchus and purged the imperial hall, and finally became a progressive struggle history of the Ming dynasty. "The trailers' release has caused an immediate debate among netizens. The cast of characters in the original book has attracted the attention of many book fans. In this newly exposed segment, the leading actor Jiang Jinfu is handsome and handsome. Under the rough linen style, he is gentle and polite, and the jade crown is more heroic.

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Highly restore the classic youth acting school to work together

The legend of Yang ling of Ming dynasty not only has Jiang Jinfu, Ruilin Liu , Zhang Sifan And so the formation of the "brothers" to join in, at the same time gathered strength small flowers Crystal Yuan , CiCi Xia , Xuan Lu , Haoyu Chen And there are special leadsLiu Yan (actress), Yijun Liu Love comes with us. In the play, Yang ling faced foreign worries and internal problems without fear of sacrifice and took the lead in fighting. "Looking forward to a long time, waiting for Jiang Jinfu promotion to start!

& have spent On the basis of adhering to the original style, the legend of Yang ling of Ming dynasty strives to restore the works from details and retain the characters' characters. The male character prince zhu houzhao is not happy to restrain the indulgence, jin yi weiwu han overweight love and justice along the way. The female characters, hanniang, are kind-hearted and honest, with outstanding skills in martial arts, charming, charming, charming, charming and intelligent, and the daughter ma piao, the daughter of yi cheng, is passionate, sincere, loving and loving. Each role has its own distinct personality. Former writer Mr Month off was even more complimentary when he told us that the casting was in line with his vision and expectations.

It is reported that the legend of Yang ling of the Ming dynasty is about to be broadcast exclusively on the whole network of youku video. It is believed that this drama will become another strong word of mouth under the platform of youku.

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