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Cui zi ge singing classics at malaysian chinese gala intimate interaction with overseas fans

Linkeddb News November 8China's "" OST" "queen recently Cui Zi Ge Appearing at the Malaysian "and culture" Chinese gala and singing three classic hits, the crowd shouted "it's her, she's Cui Zi Ge". It is reported that the Chinese gala was held by overseas Chinese in response to the policy of "One Belt And One Road" to actively spread the core of Chinese "and" cultural thoughts. Cui Zi Ge, who came to Malaysia to promote the new album, was also invited to participate in the event to promote cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia in the form of singing.

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Cui Zi Ge in the party "and culture" sang three songs, "the beauty of the old", read "can not say" and "divination", "divination" let Cui Zi Ge known by the public, and "the beauty of the old" and "can read should say" is in recent years, Cui Zi Ge's classic film and television play theme song, also is the classic theme song let her become "OST queen". After his performance, Cui Zi Ge drew a large crowd's exclamation: "she sings these songs. She is Cui Zi Ge."

In his early years, Cui Zi Ge worked behind the scenes Cyndi Wang Creation of the flowery wedding dress won Taiwan's golden horse awards, turn the booth kept before and after the number of high quality and high output, the song is not only popular in domestic, also widely promoted in the circle of Chinese overseas, but because of geographical reasons, many people only know Cui Zi Ge's name and songs, but don't know the man, the stage for a lot of people are no longer "smell its voice only" and I don't know the person, we will finally know the face of a great singer, performed after more than 200 fans came to a photo, Cui Zi Ge also respond to the demands of them with a smile.

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Cui Zi Ge's trip to Malaysia is to promote her new album, "fancying," which includes new songs and a selection of film and television theme songs. I also tasted local delicacies in my spare time.

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