What exactly is in xu haiqiao's box?

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Star connection news: recently, Xu Haiqiao A group of photos were posted on a social media platform with the caption "still the same saint as that time". Three simple pictures were immediately recalled and killed, and netizens said "you have not changed, still the boy who broke the dimensional wall".

In the photo,Xu Haiqiaodressed simply and simply, wearing a black T-shirt with light blue ripped denim shorts and a pair of black sneakers, looking like a big boy with sunshine. Carry the saint clothes box, pretend to struggle forward, play in the world of the second yuan very happy, the net friend in succession loudly shout "elder brother carry me on my back, I am very light" "every time is attracted by you want to go out to play" some sweet pet humorous comment. In fact, we can see in the variety show "my boy" that there are many 2-dimensional models everywhere in Xu Haiqiao's home. It seems that qiao is not only like small fresh meat in appearance level, but also a big boy full of vigor in heart, which makes people pick him up.

It is reported thatXu Haiqiaohas been working very hard this year. She has not only accepted two variety shows, my boy and the king of comedy crossover, but also has three works to meet you one after another, one is called Naomi belongs to my starlight "" Son of Heaven "And" Beloved Let's look forward to it together!

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