two of his Jiong's favorite children became a princess and an actor.

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A variety show of hunan TVDad, WhereAreWeGoing?"Let many audiences see many children of the actor's family. Deeply influenced byHe JiongTwo beloved children,Angela Wang,Heduo has also been on this program successively, with countless fans.


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BecauseHe JiongandLi Han hsiang -He Jiong became Angela Wang's godfather.He JionglovedAngela Wang,so much that she sang the promotion song of her directorial debut. The combination of the two young and old made many netizens feel deeply touched, as if they had seen the continuation of friendship between them.


Angela Wang, who wants to be a princess, and her mother, Li han-hsiang, went to see him Jiong. In the program, she still doesn't give any face, and her little willfulness givesAngela Wang,more personality, which is also a lovely expression.Angela Wang,is Li han-hsiang andYuelun WangAnd Li han-hsiang has said on the show that his daughter should be rich and well fed and well dressed. Nowadays,Angela Wang,is a lovely little princess with many talents.




In addition to his deep friendship with Li han-hsiang, there is also a friendship calledHe Jiongand He JiongHuang Lei. The two have been friends for decades and have joined together in the life they want. In the program "the life I want to live", Mr.Huang Leialways served him Jiong with vegetables during dinner. As for his love of Jiong, it seems that Mr.Huang Leiknows quite well, and this friendship is really enviable. Therefore, in his eyes, duo duo duo is more than a biological child, andHe Jiongis fond of her. In the program,He Jiongmentioned a lot and often played games with duo duo in the corner of the stage.


July 19, directorStan Lai,"Huang Lei andHuang Lei12 years agoSun LiCooperation"ThePeachBlossomLandHow old was he then? Tomorrow more and more under my guidance to play the book of water, there is an indescribable touch.



In the evening,He JiongShared a photo with dodo on his weibo account. The caption said: "a rehearsal work photo has already been tearful. Children who grew up in the theater are the most diligent and earnest. Tomorrow, littleHe Jiongwill accompany you to enjoy the first stage."



To see their daughter will be on stage for the first time, his mother moved by theSun Liarticles: "since 2008, many joinThePeachBlossomLandjust follow us tour, she is only two years old that year, she will back almost everyone lines, also familiar with every corner of the stage, she always have a dream that is to be able to become a stage actor, this a dream come true, my tomorrow nightDonyFor the first time, my dear daughter, mother is proud of you! After reading Sun Li's post, originally, dodo dreamed of becoming a stage actor. It seems that duo duo duo will realize his dream of becoming a stage actor.



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