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Island mood brand new single' mole ant 'is officially released with songs that directly attack human weakness

Linkeddb News November 8& have spent Taihe music group in mercury label artist island mood band, the official release of the new single "mole ant." It is also the track of the second new album released by islanders after the release of the whole website. & have spent

Island mood new single "mole ant" officially released & NBSP; Hit out at human frailty with songs

One day I'll cross you Yuko Takayama

I wish I could meet you at night

Happy forever & NBSP; Flashy world

One empty & NBSP; As far as the eye can see & NBSP;

Island mood's new single

One thousand moods & NBSP; & have spent A thousand song interpretations

"Although all kinds of helplessness still a long sigh, who is willing to take a quiet change waves." "Mole ant" relative to the mood of the island in the past single, in terms of the words are slightly more difficult to read. Each lyric is full of the most direct pain to the present life, as well as the most in-depth analysis of human nature. But it is precisely because of this difficulty, the audience will be repeatedly taste when the time has been gained different song insights. Sometimes bitter, sometimes comforting, sometimes enlightened. Mole ant is like "a thousand readers, a thousand hamlets" to every listener. When different audiences listen with different moods, there are a thousand different interpretations of "mole ant".

Islands mood 'mole ants' single cover image. JPG

Fade out the humble & weak & NBSP; & have spent Follow your true self

The mood of the island is like four rock poets of different styles. In their music works, is full of life, passion, dream, youth most incisively and vividly described. As the island mood put it: "" we, like the birds, build our nests under the eaves, and the flocks of birds cross Yuko Takayama, looking for new beginnings and breathing new air. More of us are looking for stability, wasting the rest of our lives, working for people, as mole cricket ants are weak. Hopefully, one day, we will break out of the cage, see ourselves, and, like the birds, breathe new air, adapt to new circumstances, and find who we really are.

It is reported that in addition to the upcoming national tour which will start on November 16, with the island's mood song after song hot release, the new album veil is about to be revealed!


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