A-du single “behind the door” has been launched in a brand new gold team to create youthful material.

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A - Du单曲《门后》

On August 1, A - Du New single "behind the door" cured online, this time the concentration of the emperor's squad to re-promote the boutique. The song, written by Lin Yi feng and composed and produced by hong junyang, is the first youth material-language work customized for a-du. The word focuses on youth, drawing the timeline back to the youth of every choice, and dedicating it to every fellow traveler on the path of youth.

A - Du单曲《门后》

The song depicts the perplexity of youth with the plain vocabulary. The fresh guitar in the compilation is accompanied by the fresh wind bell, and the unique sound line of a-du is slowly brought out, which reawakens people's memories of youth in the school age. The writer imaged the door, explored the difference in each mentality, and made every substantive door have a completely different meaning. In addition, Ms. Lin Yi feng, by means of generations, concentrates tens of thousands of elaborating objects in the word "you", opening every chapter of youth, returning to every present moment through a door, and saying thank you to every one of you. The joy in youth, the confusion that cannot hide, the eternal in memory, has not left.

A - Du单曲《门后》

In this single, a-du also wants to thank his wife who has been guarding him from the beginning to the present. No matter how the wind and rain shake in front of the door, there is her figure waiting behind the door silently. In addition, A - Du would also like to dedicate this song as fans and friends around with A helping hand to A - Du once will be A gift, because they are waiting in front of the door, for A long time to make A - Du has the courage to stage again, have the courage to talk with the strength of their settlement, can resist to thee in the whole world, walk out the door, can see yourself, see you.

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