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Kit chan best age' sings the heart no longer for love

Star connection September 14Today, Kit Chan The new song "Nobel" followed by a new single "the best age". The song was tailor-made by the gold medalist, yao ruolong, to express Kit Chan's heart. The music video was directed by golden melody Jude Chen, With a shot to the end, Kit Chan's charm can be perfectly presented. For Kit Chan, the best age is now, free to do whatever you want.

Written by yao ruolong and directed by Jude Chen, the music video perfectly presents the best age.

"Best of age" is the centerpiece of Kit Chan's new LIVE SESSION studio album, which is also the most elegant song on the album. The melody aspect from the main song's gradual matting, to the chorus's amazing, all make people revel .Kit Chanchose to sing the song in a relaxed manner, while the emotions were well balanced and well balanced. In terms of lyrics, yao ruolong, a gold medalist, created a song to express Kit Chan's heart. Created by golden melody director Jude Chen, the video shows a LiveHouse exclusive toKit Chanin the whole process with the shooting technique of one mirror to the end. There are no redundant images in the whole process, and the best age showsKit Chanat this time.Kit Chanseems to enjoy singing live, saying: "it feels different every time you sing live, just like there are different things and surprises in life waiting for you to experience discovery."Kit Chanin the music video is so elegant that her favorite sweater and jeans make her look relaxed and free. She is as attractive as a young woman. A stage, a microphone, and a band can sing themselvesrevelin it.

Kit Chan sings her heart out in "best age" and life is no longer about love

After all the ups and downs of life, the best age forKit Chanis now. It was a song tailored to her and it was the best arrangement.Kit Chansaid: "I'm definitely entering a new season of my life and it's a great honor to have the opportunity to record an album for the first time in the form of a Live Session. Life and love have always been enlightening to me, and now I do have a totally different perspective to express those feelings and inspirations through music. Thank god for his providence and guidance. Even if there is storm and sorrow in life, love and light will never die. I hope you will enjoy this love from us. Perhaps, when a woman really exudes mature charm, she is the most free and spontaneous time.

Kit Chan USES "the best age" to make a statement about the theme of life. Life is not all about love, but more about doing what you like. As soon as the song went online, it was highly praised by numerous fans. For life, do not be happy for who is happy, but define the happiness you want. This song seems to tell us that we should not insist on everything, but do whatever we want to enjoy the beauty of blooming freedom. I hope thatKit Chancan always bring more wonderful music to share more precious life feelings.

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