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Golden rooster and hundred flowers film festival opens “red flower and green leaf”

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Linkeddb News November 8& have spent The 27th golden rooster and hundred flowers film festival opens in foshan. Nov 8, fifth generation directorLiu Miaomiao (director)The latest film has been unveiled at the festival's national minority film festival. Previously, in the second pingyao international film festival, the film "red flower green" won the audience vote honor.

& have spent & have spent At this year's golden rooster and hundred flowers film festival, red flower green leaves also became one of the most surprising films. The film focuses on two hui muslims living in a village in northwest China Qing Lin Love stories of young men and women. Shortly after he was born, the hero, li guoqing, suffered from a high fever and occasionally fainted. As an adult, he unexpectedly married a capable and beautiful daughter-in-law. In order to let his women live a good life, li guoqing hard but not to lose dignity in the effort. Before marriage, they have their own secret. One doesn't want to marry, the other doesn't. They married at the urging of their families. Since then, they have experienced the gradual acceptance of each other, until the common acceptance of fate, the process of taking on fate. It is also the first time that a Chinese director has accurately portrayed the love between two hui youths on Chinese screens.

Director Liu Miaomiao (director), a fifth-generation Chinese director, graduated from the directing department of the Beijing film academy and worked as director of the ningxia film studio. In 1993, she wrote and directed the feature film "miscellaneous lips" which won the golden award of the speaker of parliament of the 50th Venice international film festival in Italy. The feature film "the sound of horse's feet" was screened at the 11th torino film festival in Italy in the same year. Written and directed feature film 1996 Family ", which was nominated for best actor and best actress at the golden rooster awards. From 2004 to 2008, he was a visiting teacher of school of art, Beijing university, school of film and television, Beijing normal university and Beijing film academy.

In the film red flower green leaves, directorLiu Miaomiao (director)presents a way for two young people to lead to the future in the simplest and quietest way. After watching the film, editor in chief of the youth film handbook, film critic Cheng Qingsong "Everyone has a history, a past or an unspeakable secret. How to face their own destiny, how to face their own life, how to live with dignity, this is the film to bring the audience thinking.

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