“stop! the thieves” now “liang shangjunzi” zheng yun led the play of speed and passion.

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Linkeddb News October 11 The hilarious comedy film, which will be released at the end of the yearStop! The thievesA series of photos of the "running" show, in which a suspected thief, led by zheng yun, is chased by a crowd in the street, sparking a wave of enthusiastic onlookers You Yong Tianjin xige, zhao zedong four people this speed is really not gai, with common people often say "run faster than the rabbit" to describe should be in place, you see they will leave a group of people far behind, this is not to use strength to interpret "a thief's self-cultivation". Saying actor true not easy, want to play good thief, seem to have to put on speed and passion first!

"Stop! The thieves" has been several media reported the upcoming, but so far, revealed by the plot and other relevant information or not, from related media platform to find the story is roughly speaking four robbers in order to get a good reward and accident involved a commercial property for the story, which happened many crazy people felt the story, the film of comedy type, it is said that it's more than 270 points, three smile points per minute, and it is not purely wulitou funny, But there are many smiles with tears in their eyes and want to smile and feel very warm.

"Stop! The thieves" director and lead actor zheng yun is known as "the first Chinese micro film", also known as "the online movie king", after 12 years of comedy shooting experience. The main cast brings together Hong Kong martial arts starsLeung Siu - lung"And" You Yong, "as You know all about siblings. Lawrence Ng ,Rain Lee Choi - wah, Qingzhuo Fang , Shuangbao Wang , Shuming Lu , Ashin , Bingyuan Li In addition, there are many famous actors and actresses like xia yue, tianjin xige, zhao zedong and lu chao in zheng yun studio.

"According to the photos released so far, the thieves are not thieves at all. It is not clear how they stole the thieves, but they can run at a high speedLiu Xiang, the hurdler)Two, three, four, five! It can be said that "liang shangjunzi" is all about speed! From the stills, it is not difficult to find a contrast between traditional and modern language arts.

"Stop! The thieves", the film's title, was discussed by others as a powerful social emotion that resonated with the audience as "mice cross the street and everyone cries". Just as someone said, the thief is so hateful that he really wants to see the thief cut. When this film is released, he will be the first to rush into the cinema to see how it is put onPeople & # 39; S wisdomFight the thieves. I believe that the audience and the creator of the desire to be consistent and especially hope that everyone self-discipline, social peace and tranquility, no more thieves.


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