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Song zuer reveals she wants to learn how to make cakes.

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Linkeddb News November 8 Recently, after 98 popular florets Song Zuer An interactive video was updated on a social platform, and it was revealed that the skill I most want to learn recently is making cakes, and the reason is unique -- because "the girls who can make desserts are all beautiful", and indeed the brain circuits of the girl goose are so lovely!

When asked to share the first piece of cake with whom she most wanted to share it with, Song Zuer answered directly: "whoever is eating it," and if it fails, he is eating it. Fans have been begging for food in the comments: "a cake made by the goose!" ", "ha ha ha ha ha is really a foodie, don't even forget the skills to eat", "zuer see me, I would like to do that taste!"

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