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Taste of time' zhe-han zhang says time is the taste of home

Star connection September 14Beijing satellite TV's first star emotion slow variety show "the taste of time" held a press conference in Beijing yesterday, Zhe - han Zhang The handsome appearance at the press conference not only revealed the interesting things about cycling in Tibet, but also Shared his "time memories" with everyone on site. The scene was full of warmth.

Interaction at the beginning of the conference, Zhe - han Zhang opened "pipi John" mode, poking fun at yourself "don't worry about idol burden falls", witty humor answers provoked laughter from all fans, in the following tache, Zhe - han Zhang also revealed his fun riding in Tibet, and said: "the flavor of The Times, that is, if is a dish that must be a Fried powder, because that is the feeling of home, the taste of home", the other guests receive consistent nod. And asked Ju Jingyi, and Jing Tian, When choosing a female partner for the trip, zhe-han Zhang also said, "we are both good friends andJing Tian,will take care of people. Xiao ju needs to be taken care of, and Tian Tian will not be very convenient to have a boyfriend.

It is reported that every two episodes of the show will invite a star guest to join his or her close friends to share a 3-day and 2-night "time feast", to show the audience what the star looks like in their eyes. It is learned that the program from September 16, every Sunday night at 22:00 in Beijing satellite TV broadcast, people expect. Next, zhe-han Zhang is also preparing for the new play, which stars in the film Anna "," Do not get lost at first sight "And other shows will be coming soon.

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