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SING Girls' Group Collaborated Grand master of Demonic Cultivation Ending Song New Single “front dust”


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Linkeddb News November 5 The song "front dust" co-produced by SING girls' group and released officially on music platforms including Kugou music, QQ music and Cool Me music. The complete version of the song and dance studio was released simultaneously on the same day. Front dust is the ending song of "cthe lure of cat demon" , which was sung by popular idol SING.

Singing ending song for popular Chinese anime SING girls group another masterpiece.

The animation "the lure of cat demon" is deeply loved by netizens with its distinctive and novel style, and the tailor-made closing song "the dust" has made fans extremely look forward to it.

Former dust by miao Bo Yang The lyrics, Liang He I composed the music and acted as the producer. The style fully adheres to the emotional theme of cat demon's entanglement with lovers in previous lives. The melodious music of guzheng and dizi throughout the song plays up the faint sadness of waiting for lover on the river bank of sichuan for thousands of years. However, it collides with the electric drum, bringing out the unique flavor of national style and continuing the traditional electronic style of SING women's team. In the choreography of the song, the cat element "meow meow fist" is also specially integrated, which is lively and vivid, and echoes the cat demon image of the animation protagonist.

"Red dust is messy, love and hate many. We will meet in the next life. With this life to wait, in exchange for the next life and the heart of love encounter. "No, I will, alone, with the wind and clouds, I cannot see the outline. We only wish to be together in life and death. Members of the gentle voice will be the perfect interpretation of this spoony, singing a cat demon past life love matters. The group had previously performed the song for the first time at the 2018 man concert, when the crowd was so enthusiastic and cheering that netizens were eager to hear the official source. This public "dust" has also won the audience's unanimous praise, become an indispensable highlight of the women's team works.

Cooperation again with large IP SING Girls Grroup has become "IP harvester"

The original author of "the lure of cat demon" is 12 billion popular and 2 million jade in tencent comics. "The lure of the demon cat" also has a large number of fans, can be said to be a major IP man masterpiece. This time SING girls' group presented the final music not only promoted the animation with its wide popularity, but also attracted a larger fan base for itself, which achieved the win-win result of cooperation.

Prior to this, the women's team has cooperated with a number of big IP, such as the masterpiece" Taoist master "(Mo Dao Zu Shi), as well as the king of glory, fantasy westward journey, underground city and warrior, ark command and other well-known online games mobile game, the cooperation track has been online, has been highly recognized by netizens, and more netizens have dubbed SING women's team is "IP harvester", and hope that the women's team can cooperate with more IP to launch more and better works.

SING girls group is an O2O concept female singing group launched by Qi Gu Culture on August 10, 2015Lai meiyun,Jiang Shen, xu shiyin, qin yu, Satoru Hayashi , Wu Yao , side, Li Chen Eight members. Released the single "123 wooden people" in July 2017; In November, she won the annual popularity surge award of the first Asian music awards. In 2018, won the best breakthrough ensemble award at the NOW live star of the year awards ceremony.

This time with "the lure of the cat demon" joint production of the final song, strong alliance, SING is another witness of the strength of the women's team. SING girls group has already occupied an irreplaceable position on its own stage. I believe that the future will live up to expectations and bring better works to the public.

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