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Singaporean singer-songwriter naomi mei sarah's album see is all available

Star connection September 14Singapore singer-songwriter and music producer Naomi mei SARAH. Cheng-de Winne, weibo: Naomi mei SARAH's debut mandarin album see has been officially released on music platforms. The third wave includes supernatural hope, grace of love, and I need you. So far, all ten songs of the album have been released.

Supernatural hope is an urban R&. B song, a new English song written by SARAH herself. The combination of easy sunshine and SARAH's languid neutral voice tells the story of SARAH's years on the road to music. In the past few years, she has traveled to several record companies in mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore, met many setbacks, but did not give up. She met a lot of friends and musicians, and although she didn't get the chance to get a film, she continued to devote herself to her favorite music cause through her experiences and encouragement. Although pursuing dreams is difficult and requires a lot of efforts, SARAH still conveys positive energy with positive and sunny music, expressing her inner desire for dreams. She also hopes that her works can bring strength to more people and create a habitat of soul for every audience.

The love of loved ones is grace, support, affirmation and uncooled current of life. "Grace of love," a lyrical pop song that sounds a bit classical.with a piano, a bass bass accompaniment, a guitar and a choir-like harmonic accompaniment, SARAH tells a story about her love for her loved ones, especially her grandmother, who is old. Sarah wrote "grace of love" to her mother, and to thank her loved ones for their undying, unselfish love. She said that many things did not feel that until she became a mother, she did not know the love of family members is a kind of grace, with the love of family members, she found that she had so many rare love, even more than imagined.

As the final track of the album, "I need you" is one of SARAH's proudest compositions and an unreserved declaration of affection for her beloved husband, "I need you." In the song, SARAH overcomes the difficulty of writing Chinese lyrics, and she goes all out to finish most of the Chinese lyrics by herself, expressing her love for her husband to the top of her heart. "Across the distance of the universe, across the stars and You meet", "You wake me up from a nomadic dream, You lock me, I no longer drift", "only You, You drift me", "love in your arms complete, You tear down the walls of my heart, I need You" are loaded with SARAH's words to her husband. "I need you" is the expression of love between lovers. It is the tacit understanding of soul mates. It also sings the words that accompany lovers for a lifetime after they have taken off their guard.

Naomi mei SARAH's new album "see" is now fully presented, with a heart walking song, which brings you to experience the feeling of SARAH's life and the spread of positive energy.

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