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'mr cheng in cold health' a heartbreaker meng long yu rises strongly

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Linkeddb News November 8Adapted from the novel of the same name by le mi, co-produced by ciwen media and meitao film,Liu Chun - ChiehDirected, Wallace Chung , Tianyu Ma , Yi Sun ,Meng - long YuAn urban emotion TV drama co-starring other powerful actorsLiang sheng, can we not be sad", is currently in the youth hunan satellite TV theater when the theater continued to hot broadcast. As the emotional climax of the drama continues to develop, Meng-long Yu's cheng tianen in the play has attracted more and more attention.

& have spentMeng - long Yuheart cheng family safe wei netizen to day en attitude changes greatly

In the latest episode, cheng tianen (Meng long Yu) learns that ning xin ( Zhi Wang (Andy wong) and the villain recently many private contact, mistakenly believed that rather letter to betray the cheng family. Later cheng tianen met ning xin and asked him why he cooperated with wang dehui. However, cheng tianen, who did not get a clear answer, became increasingly suspicious of ning xin.


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Cheng Tianen has always been the most concerned about their family, in the story before, even if not grandpa's concern and attention, is still trying to learn things on the business, from the first barrage "Cheng Tianen unless descendants, sunny" to now "grace brother really make people love dearly" shift, Meng - long Yu successfully shaped Cheng Tianen corner.

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 "Today cp" recalls killing too abusiveMeng - long Yunew play received much attention

In the recent drama, cheng tianen recalled and jinling ( Herun Wang The little drops of sweetness in between begin to grieve alone. However, the reason for the break up with jinling comes from cheng's inferiority towards his disability. Cheng, who suffered a lot from inner torment, also makes Meng long Yu's performance vivid and natural. Netizens said: "brother tian 'en is so heartbroken, please give him a good ending".

In addition to his brilliant performance in "liangsheng, may I not be sad", the new play "meng-long Yu" Two Worlds Huan "The beginning of the new play has attracted a lot of attention, which makes people sigh about the strong momentum of Meng long Yu's rise, and expect that Meng long Yu will bring more different highlights to everyone in the new play.

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