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Don't wear your clothes well! kym (singer) appeared in the first episode of the tv series “therapture”.

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Kym (singer) attends press conference. JPG

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Linkeddb News November 8  Kym (singer)Surprise appearance in TV drama Your time and mine "Press conference. At the scene,Kym (singer)wore a white shirt and black trouser skirt, and the straps of the skirt naturally fell down to add a sense of fashion, and the unique shape of the irregular skirt highlights the long legs. At the event,Kym (singer)sang the song" TheRapture ", warm and intoxicated singing, let people immerse in the heart of music in extrication.

Kym (singer) sings' rainture '.jpg

Kym (singer) sings beautifully. JPG

Kym (singer) classic match. JPG

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