What a surprise!

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C.T.O. men's live performance of the title song. JPG

C.T.O. men's group on Christmas wishes. JPG

Linkeddb News November 27& have spent Chinese band new power C.T.O men attended a Christmas lighting ceremony in a shopping mall in guangzhou on November 24, the event organizers specially prepared a giant crystal ball atmosphere warm, C.T.O six boys dressed in red and fans happy interaction, for everyone brought a happy Christmas in advance.

& have spent & have spent Speaking of their impressions of Christmas, the six boys in the C.T.O. boys' group said that they usually spent Christmas with their friends and family. And combined to form a smooth dough out this year, the first year of this Christmas has a different meaning, on the schedule will be different with previous years, they said now plan to do on Christmas day, could the biggest wish is to be able to meet friends and fans, creating memories together, the hope can bring you a good happy day.

C.T.O. men cut the cake to celebrate. JPG

& have spent & have spent & have spent At the scene of the activity, the C.T.O men's group had a close interaction with fans and played the game of posing for photos in 10 seconds, which greatly showed the photo skills acquired in daily practice. Li Zhen Wei, zhan shiwei, weng yuqing a few do not change the nature of the day, put out a difficult funny posture caused fans laugh at the scene, and Yang zixin did not put down the idol burden on the stage to play handsome constantly, provoked in the side to watch the game Zi Wang Ning called "Yang zixin really too will!" According to the members, fans also urge them to post more selfies and daily photos in daily life, and C.T.O has formed the habit of handing in "homework" and waiting for the teachers of fans to grade. In order not to be mocked by fans as "too straight man", he will practice the expression and posture of taking photos, and everyone is more and more natural to the camera.

C.T.O. boys group photo with fans. JPG

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent More than five months after the release of the title song of the same name "C.T.O. Meri gold couples file jointly created, sword dance part is very powerful and full of difficulty, C.T.O six people have said that they were very excited to learn that the two god dance teachers can help their choreography, but after seeing the Demo of the dance completely dumbfounded, very nervous whether they can perfectly perform this dance. Now has stood on the stage show many times for everyone "C.T.O" six boys already very skilled, the dance in this activity is very confident to teach fans jump the dance, but I didn't expect that a few fans did not give them the opportunity, smooth expertly finished the title track "C.T.O" with the same dance of the fans is very smooth and expertly finished dancing, C.T.O members said after watching was very moved, and also call them too good, really.

C.T.O is - Show Luo The men's group under the company's creative entertainment was officially launched on June 14, 2018. There are six members in the group, namely Li zhenwei, xue en, zhan shiwei, weng yuqing, Yang zixin and Zi Wang ning. C.T.O is from Create Top The letter "One", which means to create the top spirit, was crowned "the driest male group" because its members "always have a restless heart".


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