Twenty years of energy! jolin tsai's new album ugly beauty comes out in december

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Linkeddb News November 27& have spent Jolin, the Asian pop diva Jolin Tsai UGLY BEAUTY, the new album that has been out of music for four years, will be released at the end of December, after 2014's PLAY set off a global hot topic and set a Chinese pop music classic. The last album explored various superficial phenomena in society from its own point of view, but this new work is a return to the inner level. Jolin has discovered that she has to face up to and embrace her dark and ugly side and get beautiful feedback from the process of constantly asking herself and answering questions and exploring her own heart. Jolin Tsai explored the human perception through the emotion and desire of the theme UGLY BEAUTY, broke the secular dichotomy between BEAUTY and ugliness, and redefined it.

Jolin Tsai's first visual image of

Self-organized music writing camp participated in the creation and production for 2 years.

Jolin Tsai broke the old way of collecting songs for album production, set up music writing camp by herself in a new creative mode, and completed the new album UGLY BEAUTY by participating in the collective creation of musicians. Creation process, Jolin personally "bubble" in the studio to participate in a collective work, in addition to Taipei, Bangkok, even expedition to Stockholm, respectively, through this a few city music writing camp musicians impact cooperation, mobilizing nearly international musicians, all over the world to experience a week at the studio musicians, brainstorm together interesting process. This not only aroused Jolin Tsai's self-potential, but also made her creative force explode, and she participated in the creation of six songs on her new album in one breath. The new album UGLY BEAUTY will not only hear about the creative mode Jolin tried for the first time, but also hear about the "creative explosion" and "the most creative" album in Jolin Tsai just like a grand slam. That Jolin says: "in the process of free creation, I explore the sound of something you touched, and work with different creative camp, give me a lot of propulsion, do music together to discuss, in a different way of language to express what you want, besides quite enjoyable and fun, work should make everybody listened to like me very feeling!" "UGLY BEAUTY is so cool, I don't know how to interpret it," moo wrote. And @xinxinxingzi commented that "there is another high-quality dance music to listen to."

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Jolin, the most honest! The birth of a new album is a process of constantly knowing yourself

Jolin Tsai has been interested in psychology for two years. Through jung's book, she began to explore her inner world and herself. Jolin said: "I used to feel bad about not getting 100 percent. I felt like I wasn't worth mentioning." Instead, she was surprised to find that Jolin, who always wanted to get a full score and prove that she could do it, had forgotten how to love herself. Jolin Tsai came up with the theme of "UGLY BEAUTY" through such a process of digging. She said, "for me, to face my UGLY face is a part of emotion. When you start to face it, the feedback will be wonderful, more loving and empathetic, and you'll be much more aware of your own decisions about what to do, and less likely to judge yourself and others. The birth of the new album was a process of Jolin's continuous exploration and understanding of herself. Through repeated "beating and retraining", Jolin was able to completely record and present Jolin's spiritual journey, which was also the most honest album in her music career.

Jolin Tsai: "I just want to try!"

The new album brings together innovative works of music from all over the world, and diversified discussions on the theme UGLY BEAUTY. The experimental composition and music style of the new album are different from the past. Jolin Tsai adheres to the intuition of music, which is bound to bring more impact and new auditory senses to the Chinese pop music world! Jolin, who is brave enough to accept challenges, said: I just want to try! Album Jolin like yourself from a production process, also very curious and detect feminine power and influence, originally wants to explore the new album "what is a woman", found himself is the best in the process of investment subjects, started getting dug up things in the heart of the world to explore, discover and affects his mood is the key point of others, because this often ask answer yourself is what kind of woman. Jolin Tsai said: "I always felt like I was missing something in the role of a woman. Although I looked like a princess on the outside, I always felt like a man on the inside. These conflict points are like whirlpools and I can't help but want to study them.

Popular photography and modeling together to create 11 hall - level modeling

With the theme of 11 songs of the new album, we specially invite fashion photographer ZHONG LIN and famous stylist Yii, who has been named and cooperated by Gucci and selected as one of the ten influential figures in the new era by the global fashion industry, to create 11 UGLY BEAUTY styles. Jolin donning an exaggerated version of the book" The mouth of truth "Red lip ACTS the role of article, assist with the posture with both hands weird and double eye innocent expression, the vision that lets whole zhang haibao has impact sex very much, also echo this album breaks the concept theme of secular beautiful and ugly concept. It is worth mentioning that this pair of mouth of truth has a long history. It came out of graduation An Yu Shuting Qiu, a Chinese light designer at the Royal Academy of art in twerp, made the design. Jolin Tsai emphasized that The focus of this visual photo was The fragile eyes: "The mouth of truth" symbolizes many words that I want to speak but cannot. The fragile eyes represent that I understand your mood, because I used to be like that." Jolin challenged non-stop shooting tasks of more than 24 hours for two consecutive days. Under the requirements of ZHONG LIN, a photographer who emphasizes atmosphere and improvisation, Jolin needed to shuttle through 11 scenes and 11 character Settings in a short time. Jolin said, "my personality is split, but I really enjoyed the performance!" Jolin's new vision of 11 "weird beauty" Jolin models is bound to cause a stir among fans.

Jolin Tsai's new album UGLY BEAUTY will be pre-ordered on December 5. The limited edition of the album will be available in 4 different colors and will be shipped out randomly. The album will be packaged in a box made of luxurious cloth and will be accompanied by a 200-page hardcover diary of the "hall of fame". Regardless of the cost of packaging is bound to let fans get color and sound dual sensory palace level enjoyment. In addition, Jolin, who likes writing diaries, is also looking forward to sharing her inner concepts with fans, hoping that fans can record their own secrets, feelings and stories about UGLY BEAUTY in the diary.

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