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Kelly yu birthday party and launch of new album' undefined 'in beijing

On November 7, Kelly Yu Held the birthday party and new album release conference successfully in Beijing to promote the second original album "not yet defined". It was also Kelly Yu's birthday, and the choice to release the album on that day was both a gift to herself and to fans. Numerous well-known media were invited to witness the event, and fans also arrived at the venue to help support wen wen. It's a music song written four years ago in the same year after the pomp.

Kelly Yu returned to her classic rendition of "decent" and opened up the teaser mode

At the press conference, wen wen performed the phenomenal hit "decent" for the media and fans. Fans were treated to a treat, with wenwen singing two songs from the new album. "Deep dialogue" virtual "you asked me to answer", each said their own words to see the methodology of the demolition: back to the fearless child, a change in the normal, comfortable. The save The melody of me is light and crisp, giving you a different style of Kelly Yu. She can sing fast songs with equal charm. The big screen of the scene played fans carefully edited video, wenwen also gave the song "thank you love me", and Shouting fans, "you have to always love me oh, I love you", the scene is happy. The successful release of the album is just the beginning, and there is a long way to go.

Lucky fans appear on stage to interact with mysterious guests

It is worth mentioning that the press conference site text close interaction with fans, sharing the latest mood and the status when creating the album. More lucky fans on stage with wenwen PK folder dolls, personally gave her birthday gifts and wishes, barley also implies that the new album will sell a lot and wenwen future more smooth. The fans also received the mysterious gift package carefully prepared by wen wen, the power of the fans. In addition, huayi brothers CEO Wang Zhonglei Also on the scene to support, and the stage and wenwen, and wish wenwen new album to achieve proud results.

Kelly Yu's second new original music album, "undefined," is officially available on music. There are 10 songs in this album. By the gold producer Wang Zhiping I worked for LA, Taiwan and mainland China.

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