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Aquaman fought alongside mae la. JPG

Linkeddb News December 5& have spent Aquaman, the new DC superhero film from warner bros., hits theaters on Friday. Recently, the film was shortlisted for the "best visual effects" of the 91st Academy Awards. This highlights the quality of the good news, no doubt let the film fans are more looking forward to the wonderful release. In addition, the poster trailer of "the final battle of the brothers" was recently released by the government. Aquaman and ocean Lord omm were confronted with each other with weapons. In the trailer, Aquaman appeared in the arena and exchanged fierce words with each other. How will Fast & Furious7 director James Wan do his best to transform the movie into a visually stunning underwater movie? On December 7, follow Arthur on his underwater adventure!

Wang wang wild heart appeared at the bottom of the sea. JPG

A manta ray, an ancient enemy, chased Arthur and pelted him

Aquaman Mekong submarine pilot performs underwater version of

Aquaman and his brother om will fight for the throne. JPG

 Brothers are at war with each other. & have spent "Love each other and kill each other" turns into enmity

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Aquaman's latest poster shows him in gold armor, trident and at war with the equally armed king of oz. In the trailer, the ambitious sea Lord om and Arthur brave and resourceful narrow road to a decisive battle arena, the king contend for supremacy. "Arthur, go home, never go back to Atlantis," om shouted. "you can't win it. Arthur responded with a defiant "I can't let this happen", perfectly displaying his regal manner of guarding the seven seas. Ah-Chung's mournful statement: "once my brother was the person I most wanted to see. If only I had known earlier that he had turned into a lunatic." The looming pathos between the words seemed to reveal the entanglement of the two half-brothers who "loved each other and killed each other". At the same time, many Lu Hai war scenes are also surprised to be exposed in the film, such as the magnificent underwater buildings being bombarded head-on by artillery, the palaces on land being hit by spacecraft and other shocking scenes, especially the sudden and shocking tsunami. Although the future is uncertain, but in the war of chaos, the red hair of the United States mae la has always fought side by side with Arthur, moving. Who will be the last to laugh in this earth-shaking sibling rivalry? December 7, walk into the cinema, witness the results!

Arthur orme underwater battle. JPG

The strongest undersea war is at hand. JPG

The underwater world is wonderful & NBSP; & have spent Rich elements "integrators"

In the film is about to be released, domestic and foreign word-of-mouth explosion caused by the audience crazy expectations. Recently, the media and big V who participated in the early viewing of the film have been highly praised, such as "the audience spontaneously screamed and applauded after watching the movie", "it may be the best DC movie so far", "it will definitely become a memorable superhero movie" and so on. The movie's eye-opening visual effects were also widely praised: "an unimaginative superhero work. From the special effects to the scheduling, to the editing, James Wan has given full play to his top level ", "the exquisite underwater world, magnificent underwater wonders, can be called 'underwater Avatar', underwater Pandora". Atlantis' epic war was as epic as Star Wars and the Lord of the rings. There is also a lot of attention paid to the film's action-packed scenes: "Aquaman blows up Lu Hai in the air" and "the ship chase is dazzling and engaging, as if 'fast and furious' had moved to the bottom of the ocean." The quest to find trident is also a fun adventure, a replay of Raiders of the Lost Ark. As the trailblazer of the Aquaman series, James Wan was also recognized for his directing skills. "James Wan, like Cameron and Peter Jackson, is a master of action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, super British and other elements". On December 7, witness the underwater miracle.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Aquaman, the DC superhero film from warner bros. and directed by James Wan, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Yahya abdul-mateen II and other Hollywood stars co-star. The film will be released in China on December 7, leading the world! Film pre-sale has been fully opened, immediately grab tickets to welcome the heroes!

The brothers Arthur orme fought fiercely against each other

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