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Su yunying's new album debut single “reflection of life”

Star connection September 14Power singer-songwriter su yunying has released the debut single "reflection of life", a song inspired by tea farmers, which is actually given to everyone who lives seriously.

"Life reflection" not only won the praise of many music critics in the industry, but also in the song under the message board, is also wonderful tear point comments. Someone in the above performance about singing Su Yunying creation ability and the language of praise, some express their love of music and for evaluation of the height of the poster, but more and more people are above express their emotions, fans here about their inner most real scene, with acid sweet bitter is hot, the taste in the message board on "life reflection".

The song contains the opposites of "people on the mountainside" and "passerby" to face up to the loneliness, loneliness and depression that everyone in the world is likely to deal with at any moment. Su Yunying with her notes with her singing in her words and expressions to the life attitude to life, maybe good things, or to give the poor people in power to move on, or standing in the mountains like this stroke, half awake and half drunk half squinting, singing the human perhaps sad but there is still hope life reflection may be just that.

It is reported that su yunying will release a whole new creation album this year, the first single "life reflection" in the Chinese market in the nuo big ripples, the second wave of flagship songs will also be released on September 20, heartily expect.

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