Valen hsu's new song “only for you tonight”, music video goes online and talks about life.

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  Linkeddb News October 11Bel canto days Valen Hsu Four years after a hiatus of issuing the blossom blossoms bloom's new album, a new album release the storming of the major, Valen Hsu is happy and says, "in the era of music environment hard, thank you for your company is willing to work together to make such a nice album, can cooperate with many outstanding musicians really happy with happiness." Good work one Bobo And then on 10/11 with a heartwarming love song with Mars radio's "I'm only singing > MV for you tonight" launched on various platforms!

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& have spent & have spent Valen Hsu teamed up with Mars radio station "tonight just for you to sing > with a beautiful melody and a rich rendering of multiple emotions. As the waves Bobo crowded to the front of the piano sound, the moonlight into the night dream singing. After the middle part of the music, the appearance of drums and strings brings shining stars and waves to the gentle melody, until the turbulent fades, and the heart becomes quiet. Not only for the fans, but also for Valen Hsu for their music dreams of the true feelings of the work; Music video director liu mingqun specially recruited four pianists, and set up a large pool in the music video scene, so that four pianists could play solo in the water. They play the same song at first sight, but each piano makes a different sound. Every time I play, it's a unique moment. There is no Zhang Qin The score is the copy of others. The four pianists respectively represent different stages of life. Each stage has different experiences and life landscapes, but they always strive to keep pursuing their dreams, just like Valen Hsu. Large pools of MV field set to Valen Hsu, a second, the day meimei appeared Valen Hsu required by the director to the big pool in the middle, staff coordination with the director can help Valen Hsu pad boxes in the water, avoid damage new clothes, Valen Hsu worry mat high damage coordination picture instead, immediately amplifier ground to say: "director we started!" Letting clothes with more than six figures go for 16 hours at a time is a testament to diva's professionalism and commitment to perfection.

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& have spent & have spent & have spent "Singing > for you tonight is Valen Hsu's first collaboration with Mars radio. Valen Hsu said that when he received the song, his intuition was that the song belonged to this album, and it was in line with his mood of pursuing music and dreams. Through director Liu Mingqun use piano metaphor ups and downs in life, coupled with the large screen projection display life different scenery, Valen Hsu said the song is: "as long as a clear go away in life, when looking back at their past, can confidently follow me say: you are really great! You can give yourself a warm hug, this song is for the best notation, thank a Martian, thank the director, and thank me."

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