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Khalil fong concert promotion song' throw it off 'back to the creative essence from the heart

Star connection September 14Today," Khalil Fong "Throw It Off", the theme song of the same name of the children of TIO concert tour, was released on line. The song incorporated the artistic conception of "the heart is where the heart is, so the body is where It is" and the exploration of the soul into the ethereal melody of the song, expressing Khalil Fong's eager initial heart and persistence to music. Meanwhile, the children of soul concerts in shenzhen station on November 3, nanjing station on November 17 and Shanghai station on November 27 also entered the hot pre-sale period one after another. Four years later,Khalil Fongwill return to his music course and start a new journey, giving back to all the audience who love him through notes and melody.

From 2005 till now,Khalil Fonghas already become the king of golden songs with independent music brand, and R& with recognition. The soul of B sings and focuses on his heart, such as make Love Love, Love Song and special people, which have made him a representative figure of the Chinese music industry. On the road of music creation,Khalil Fongalways sticks to his original heart of music. He thinks that any theme, mood, or experience can become the melody in his mind. Every instant spark can become a song.

"The heart is where the heart is, so the body is where the body is." in his music, he tries to get rid of the miscellaneous thoughts and immerses the soul into the melody. He can feel the dialogue with himself.

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