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Jane Zhang 2018's “World Premiere” is about to sing the Shanghai station

Jane Zhang 2018 "Jane" world tour Beijing station, Shenzhen station has been invoicing the entire network, from the date when the mystery of "Jin Xiang" was revealed. The third leg of the Shanghai Relay Shenzhen, on April 26 to open the entire network ticket sales, it is reported that the concert will sing on May 26 Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center.

Since Jane Zhang announced that he would open the 2018 "Just Like a Worth" world tour, fans' speculation about the concert continued. With regard to the song list of this concert, the fans started the “God Prophecy”: In the recent performances, the songs that were frequently flopped by Jane Zhang were the theme song of “Ghost Blowing the Lights of the Ancient City”, “ Dauna.Loquellevaelrío ”. The English single "Dust My Shoulders Off" and "Work For It". According to the fans' guesses, this time is very different from the previous Jane Zhang concert genre, and it has injected more fresh blood than the 靓 Love Song. It is not difficult to see from the posters that were exposed in this concert that the concert is full of dark mystery and thorny dark dance aesthetics. However, no matter how you define her, Jane Zhang always releases the most real inner world with a firm attitude and energy, and uses such a show to personally deconstruct "Jane Zhang."

In an interview with a recent variety show, Jane Zhang himself also mentioned that the 2018 "Zhenxiang" concert will also be different from previous concerts. Apart from offering many new songs for fans, There will be more surprises waiting for everyone to announce. What exactly is "Jin Xiang"? Look forward to exploring with you!

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