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“he xianren” “close your eyes” today to start back to look himself with music wash off the ups and downs"

Star connection September 14Today, music's new single "close your eyes" was released online. The new single takes away the traditional Future Pop style of he xianren, and brings the listeners into the sentimental atmosphere with a slow lyric ballad. It is a quiet mutter, and it is also the reflection and examination of his original heart.

For music creation, he always keeps his immortal most full of enthusiasm, he will be the understanding of love into his work, and in a month 14, in the form of "electronic music confessions", in his music collection of the thousands of love zi, or "Lollipop" is sweet full mark line, take you home is sincere commitment, "close your eyes" is expressed in love is helpless, sad side. In this new song arrangement, he xianren seems to return to the most primitive state, standing in the initial place to look at himself, pure but not lack of self-examination. Under the combination of simple chords, he mutters regret and sadness in a voice with special texture like an electric tone, which makes the listener unconsciously fall into the atmosphere created by him.

Don't forget the original attitude, jump out of the fixed frame, keep trying and exploring this is what he xianren has been pursuing on the creation road of music. "close your eyes" is the silence and reality after jumping out of the frame, close your eyes, and feel the heartbeat under the fast rhythm of modern city. Close your eyes and feel love without words.

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