Baby child', the song's title song.

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treasure Bell Nuntita (" Baby child (introduction to the lyrics

The theme song of the same name - Baby childWu Tsing - Fong

Season of migration

Ebb and flood

Run out of steam

It's hard to change

Immaturity of love

Existential pain

My imperfections

I'm still dealing with

Could I know

What is abandoning

Because I am

Have been abandoned

Deep inside

Some I haven't disappeared

Could I know

What is persistence

Because I am

Never give up


I'm in every corner

Happiness is a fable

The unfortunate is the story

There was an author

He said that

Hunger for thirst

Sometimes hate

Anger and compassion


I still know

What is abandoning

It is no longer


Deep inside

The warmth is not gone

I still know

What hope is

Because of you

I insisted with you.

I saw the

Who has me in his arms

I'm not perfect

But your baby

Is still my

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