Leave the coffee a little sweet(TV)[2016]
Leave the coffee a little sweet(TV)[2016]

《Leave the coffee a little sweet》Cast

Xie MingMing Yingzi Zhaohan Play)

She is a lover of Huang CongCan. She is optimistic, kind and considerate of others. Work with Huang CongCan at the coffee school. Finally, Zhang ZhiYuan helped the company tide over the difficulties and married Huang CongCan in China and became the barista's wife.

Yingzi Zhaohan

Sarah Zhao, born December 16, 1990 in Yantai, Shandong Province, China Mainland actress and model. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. In September 2009, at the 2nd China Beauty Queen Contest, she was awarded the "Queen of the Best Manicure" by China Beauty Queen. In 2012, in the Republic of China drama "love in the spring" as a bitter singer Lan Feng-ping; "because of how beautiful love" plays the rich daughter Revenge Lin Tomei. In 2013, in the "New Ji Gong Living Buddha", plays the female No. one Qin Lulu. In 2014, starring metropolis love youth inspirational drama "because of love has a miracle", plays the natural kindness of wealthy daughter Angela. In December, the participating "Condor Heroes" broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV Diamond Independent Theater. In 2015, he participated in costume drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long", starring Li Ren Ding's daughter Li Feiyan, is a beautiful and martial arts both characters. July 13, in the film version of "Ji Gong", as the White Snake corner. On July 15, 2016, the costume legendary drama "True Life Son of Heaven" landed on the Zhujiang River Pearl River Theater in Guangdong Province. The play tells the story of the emperor of the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang. Sarah Zhao plays the Lord of Yuezhen.

Zhang ZhiYuan Cindy Play)

She is a graceful and goddess-level figure, independent and courageously shaping her. She is Zhang Jijun's sister. She likes Huang CongCan and wants to take everything he wants. When he finally knew what was wrong with him and couldn't agree with his brother's degrading behavior, he helped Huang Cancon's company survive the difficult times.


Tropical Storm Cindy was the first tropical cyclone to make landfall in Louisiana since Hurricane Isaac in 2012.

Huang CongCan

He is an ordinary student of the coffee school. He is optimistic. In order to chase his dreams and overcome all difficulties, he likes Xie MingMing. He wants to protect Xie MingMing at all costs. He eventually married Xie MingMing in Shanghai and became a top barista.


No introduction

Zhang QiJun


No introduction

More《Leave the coffee a little sweet》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Jiang CaiYan No introduction
Chengyuan Li Huang YunXi No introduction
Kristy Sun Xiao Lv No introduction
Fengbin Mo Zhang MinJi No introduction
(None) Zhang MinYou No introduction
(None) Jiang ShuoZhen No introduction
Juntao Cai Luo MeiLuo No introduction
YUKI Zhang ZhongWei No introduction
Mu Liu Shi FanQuan No introduction
Wei Zhi Pu MiShu No introduction
renwei Huang ZhengHao No introduction
Zhu WenRui Jiang Shu No introduction
(None) Fang DongLaoPoPo No introduction

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