A great life(TV)[2018]
A great life(TV)[2018]
A great life(TV)[2018]

A great life(TV)[2018]

Episode: 32 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Yuan Zhi Bo Dang Ding More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Fenqiang Ouyang Year: 2018
Genre: The plot

《A great life》Episodes

The plot of the TV series "a good life" tells the story of niu jin, who grew up in the city. After graduating from college, he did not approve of his prudent father's routine life arrangement. However, as a result of the ambition of overreach, leading to the venture, the failure of first love. At the critical moment, father niu da shan sold his baseball company, mortgaged his house in the city and shouldered the debts with his son. Having no choice but to do so, niu jin returned to the city with his father and became a lollipop, paying off debts. In the process, he understood the lollipop spirit of the fathers' hard work and perseverance, and realized the living status of migrant workers as urban passengers. He began to think about the way out for rural people. Finally, with the help of madame yu anan, the owner of the hotpot restaurant, niu jin walked out of the low ebb of life, returned to his hometown tieshan village again, and gradually regained the trust of the villagers, leading them on the road of common prosperity, and also gained their own friendship and love.

Plot Summary>>

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