growing up(TV)[2012]
growing up(TV)[2012]

《growing up》Ep1:episode 1

In the spring of 1986, Peng Hai, a high school graduate from seamount city, made outstanding achievements in the entrance exams and his mother, Tian HaiYun, was very happy. Peng Fei's father, an airborne division chief of staff, Peng XiangJiang, has strict rules on his son, making Peng Fei increasingly want to live independently. Peng Fei's high school coincided with the announcement of the Air Force's recruitment and training. Luo TianYang, a classmate from a worker's family, persuaded Peng Fei to sit with him in Flight Academy. In order to get rid of his father's control, completely independent, Peng Fei decided to change his wish: do not test the Peking University to vote in the air force.

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