Because it's family(TV)[2018]
Because it's family(TV)[2018]

《Because it's family》Character Relationships

TV《Because it's family》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Because it's family》 Character Relationships:

《Because it's family》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Fang TianXin

Fang TianXin, 35 years old, has congenital heart disease. He is independent, calm, rational and has a clean accident. But when she got home, she was the opposite, a slouch.

Wang Shuo

32 years old, general manager of wang's group and young master, tall and handsome appearance. By rights, he's a heartthrob, but his personality is so bad that he's been on the job for only a few months and has already had several secretaries removed.

Fang YongFu

The single father who has been struggling to bring up his children all the time blames his children's indifference and selfishness for their failure in the end. Therefore, in the final journey of life, he chose to fight against his children and give them the last "education of love".

Fang TianYi

31 years old, the eldest son of the family. Fang YongFu, a famous doctor at the famous local cancer hospital in Shanghai, has a promising career.

Bai Xue

No introduction

Fang XiaoLong

The younger son of the house. He was abandoned by his own mother before he was one year old. Fang YongFu tried to protect him by falsely claiming that all three children were born to one mother. Fang XiaoLong is the most sensitive one of the three siblings, but also the most impulsive, bloody, accident is a good hand, the mention of work withered.

Li YueYue

23 years old, the northwest country girl that goes big city for the first time, pure kindness, be aggressive, keep a promise, look big and careless. But always can see the human nature glitters one side, very filial piety is close.

Fu XiaoLong

No introduction

Wang JianGong

No introduction

Wu YingMei

No introduction

Fan MeiXiu

No introduction



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