Because it's family(TV)[2018]
Because it's family(TV)[2018]
Because it's family(TV)[2018]

Because it's family(TV)[2018]

Episode: 52 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Jie Dong Tianlin Zhai Lichun Lee More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Kai Feng Year: 2018
Genre: Urban | Family | Workplace | Love

《Because it's family》Episodes

"Because I'm family" tells the story of Fang TianXin's successful career as chief secretary to the chairman of the jiangong group, which came to an abrupt end after Wang Shuo parachuted in. Tianxin was misunderstood and had an affair with the chairman, so under the deliberate action of Wang Shuo, the two became new working partners, while Wang Shuo intended to keep her close watch and close surveillance, tianxin naturally rose up against. A love match between the wheat and the needle began. Meanwhile, Fang TianYi, the family's eldest son, and Fang XiaoLong, the younger son, are also experiencing their own emotional tests. While the three were struggling, they unexpectedly received a special "gift" from their father. Has been put up adult single parent to raise a child Fang YongFu, deep remorse children's indifference and selfishness in the final analysis is the result of their parenting failure, and so on the final journey of life, he will choose the child, on the last day for the children "love education", this is their final gift, the relationship between the two generation to comb again.

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