《oath》Ep1: Yan ShaoBai returned to Shanghai to perform a mission, the Japanese ordered to kill the whale

In 1936, on the Polish-German border, the Germans raided a Chinese man with a police dog in a snow-covered field. The man was agile and quickly poisoned police dogs and subdued two soldiers. Then he quickly He fled to a cliff and looked closer as the Germans stepped closer. He jumped to the opposite side of the cliff with a rope. This young man is the Nanyang youth Yan ShaoBai . Yan ShaoBai is a family boy and he has an unforgettable memory. The memory and genius of digital talent.

A year later, on August 13th, 1937, the Sino-Japanese warfare broke out in an all-out manner. Because of the tenacious resistance of the Chinese military, the Japanese army was in trouble and the fighting had been deadlocked until November. Yan ShaoBai At this time, her parents wished to return from Germany to Shanghai for a donation. He saw the bustling battles in Shanghai in the past and the people were displaced. The country hated their hatred.

In the evening, the KMT’s intelligence officer, code-named a whale, secretly sneaked into the war room to carry out a game of war chess. Then he went to the suburbs to send a telegram to the Nanjing government.

Yan ShaoBai on the other side awakened from his nightmare, Jin YuanBao concern It's strange to say that the young master came back from Germany. She reminded Shaobai not to forget the mission of this trip. Ingot is the daughter of the nanny Jinma, grew up with Yan ShaoBai grew up, two young people, no treasure is a tomboy character, usually boys dress.

On the next day, Shanghai HSBC Bank Manager Xiao SiYu was subordinated as soon as she was at work Surrounded by requests for various issues, due to the tightness of the fighting in Shanghai, and some wealthy people have to withdraw money to flee, Xiao SiYu directed the subordinates to follow the rules.

Chinese underground party gets news that Japanese war chess expert Jia TengBoWen will arrive recently Shanghai. The underground party Lao Pan told the flood who came to join, Jia TengBoWen is derogatory to China, but his war chess skills will cause many uncertainties in the future situation, so at this stage the Shanghai underground party’s task is to lock in Kato, He instructed the floods to follow all the actions of the agents dispatched from the Soviet Union.

Jia TengBoWen had arrived in Shanghai on this day. He was sitting on a small rice shop in the street and asked the waiter how to walk the Hongkou. Suddenly he suddenly noticed that there was a Soviet person tracking him and took pictures. Contrary to him, Kato felt dangerously dangerous and immediately called for a rickshaw to get away. Who knew that Yuanbao suddenly ran over to compete with him in the rickshaw. Yan ShaoBai, who was quick-sighted, observed that the Soviets had already prepared for the action near Kato, and immediately added Gaitengla. The car guarded him to leave. After running for a while, Yan ShaoBai asked why the Kato Soviets chased him. Kato wondered how he knew that the man was a Soviet. Yan ShaoBai told him that he was judged by the cigarette used by that person. Kato lied about himself and that. People have business disputes. He is just about to say goodbye. Yan ShaoBai stopped him. He judged him to be in a sea ship through the smell of seawater. He inferred that Kato was not from Taiwan or Japan, and Kato had a relationship with Yan ShaoBai. People's observation and judgment were taken aback. He lied that he had just returned from Taiwan. At this time, Yuanbao breathed in panting and Yan ShaoBai accurately calculated the time and number of steps Yuanbao had run. This made Kato more admirable. When the two were about to separate, the Soviets chased up.

After Yan ShaoBai and Yuan Bao and Kato hid in a pile of cargo, Shao Bai quickly drew a grid of nine-squares on the ground and accurately calculated the Soviet Union’s eyes according to the angle of sunlight and their location. In the blind spot, he intends to use this time to allow Kato to quickly run to the opposite side of the road to escape the Soviets. Kato is more appreciative of Yan ShaoBai. He proposes to make friends with him and is rejected by Ingot. Then Kato fled in accordance with Yan ShaoBai's plan. Yan ShaoBai then walked out with the ingot.

Yan ShaoBai and Yuanbao came to Shanghai Big World to find He Asan at night. He Ah San has been working in the big world, but after the two went in, Zhang boss said that there is no such person. At the time, they were rehearsing magic, tying a foreigner and locking it in a box with a time bomb. After 1 minute, the box was blown open and Yan ShaoBai looked forward to making a bet with Zhang. If he only used After 30 seconds of successful performance of this magic, Zhang’s boss will tell him the address of He’an. If he loses willing to be killed, Zhang’s boss is about to refuse. Queen of Shanghai Dance Han YiXuan came to let him give Yan ShaoBai an opportunity. Zhang boss gave Han YiXuan face agreement. Yan ShaoBai took office with confidence and let the staff use the chain to lock him into the box together with the time bomb. After 30 seconds, the box made a loud noise and everyone thought that Yan ShaoBai had been killed. He did not think of him. Standing behind everyone, everyone was surprised how he did it. Yan ShaoBai said that he only opened the chain lock in 20 seconds and found a dark box in the box. He fled successfully. Han YiXuan praised Yan ShaoBai for being smart. Zhang’s boss had to tell him where he was.

Yan ShaoBai took the address to the residence of Hesan in Fu'an Lane. I did not expect that this place had become a ruin. The surviving common people cried in tears in the burning fireworks. Yan ShaoBai finally found it. He Asan, He Shu told him in the last breath: Ferrer Road No. 5.

After leaving Fu'an Lane, Ingot's purse was accidentally robbed by a land. She was no longer able to enjoy the meal and the young master. Yan ShaoBai suddenly saw someone posing in the street. He immediately sat down. When it came time to confront the stall, the Japanese tanks began bombing. Yan ShaoBai did not panic and continued to play. The stall was frightened by Yan ShaoBai and he was able to win. Yan ShaoBai escaped all the way in the array of gunfire. He then met Claire Lei, the chief inspector of the French Concession. He and Lei Hu had grown up as a child since childhood. Later Yan ShaoBai went to Nanyang and they did not meet for many years. Thunder Tiger enthusiastically invited Yan ShaoBai to the police car. Yuanbao discovered that Thunder Tiger was originally an inspector who helped her to teach the mantle. She immediately felt grateful.

On the other side, Li Nong, director of the National Government Information Committee, and Xu Zhigang, deputy director, are talking. Xu Zhigang reported to Li Nong that the giant whale had just sent a telegram and that his game of chess had a major result and he had to go to Shanghai. Li Nong said that the stationing of the new garbage bridge warehouse has brought about subtle changes in the Shanghai War Games. This seemingly unexpected situation is in fact exactly the same as the results of the war games devised by the whale. His identity, Xu Zhigang, is a top secret. In addition to the two of them, no one is allowed to know that he handed the file of the whale to Xu Zhigang and asked him to go to Shanghai to contact the whale singly.

On the Japanese side, Ono Nakazawa was the newly appointed head of the Shanghai Special High Division. The superior indicated that in the near future China has a master player named whale in the future. His mission is to find the whale and destroy him. . As for the physical characteristics of the whales, the Japanese knew nothing about them. It was only a news that the deputy director of the Nanjing government sent Xu to contact the whales immediately.

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