Jagged military songs(TV)[2016]
Jagged military songs(TV)[2016]

《Jagged military songs》Ep1:episode 1

In 1945, on the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese held a grand parade in the city of Tsin. Unexpectedly, on the occasion of the Japanese national anthem, an exhilarating Volunteer Corps suddenly sounded upstairs from the quarry and thoroughly disrupted the plans of the devils. The Japanese army immediately quarreled around the precincts in the field, and Nakamura commander ordered the anti-Japanese elements to be beheaded. In fact, the troubled people were not anti-Japanese elements, but wealthy Gao Gao, a music school student. He is honest and kind-hearted, but hesitant to do things is very impulsive. He loved Su WanTing, a school librarian, but did not know that Mr. Su was a CCP underground party. In order to win the teacher's favor, he did not listen to his classmates Zhou ZeXi and He Chen discouraged, risking their lives to show their heroic feat on the parade. In the face of encirclement and suppression, Gao Chang left hovering to the right, while Su WanTing is still at the moment trying to urge the industry to face the crisis of life and death. Zhao Qi and her partner Zhao Qi are joining an underground party, but I do not know the joint leader Wang Limin has been betraying the enemy, is in accordance with the instructions of the Japanese army to start trapping network. Just as the Japanese prepared to close the network, Gao Chang's reckless move did not disturb the situation and made the move unsuccessful. Gao Chang also escaped with the help of He Chen and Zhou ZeXi. Nakamura unusually annoyed, to Wang Li Min once again trapping underground party. Su WanTing and Zhao Qi plan to count, to remove Wang Limin, but was Japanese pursuit. Gao Chang drove accidentally into this scene and was arrested in a false police station to cover two underground people. He Mengde, the false police chief, is the father of He Chen. He loves Gao Chang, but Gao Chang only treats her as a sister, but Zhou ZeXi deeply in love with her. At He Chen's urging, He Mengde, a greedy man, knocked on his father a handful and promised her to let go of Gao Chang. I do not know, He MengDe rushed to prison, Gao Chang has been treated as anti-Japanese elements to the Japanese prison jail, she will be executed three days later. He Chen died with his father to continue to rescue Gao Chang, but his father was tied at home, and Su WanTing also organized to rescue.

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