When you're old(TV)[2018]
When you're old(TV)[2018]

《When you're old》Episodes

The TV series "when you are old" introduces the plot: it tells the story of an lishan built a bamboo house, invited the former zhiqing comrades to tea and told everyone that this is a tea party for several comrades. But it was an elaborate act of atonement. In old age, every family has problems of one kind or another, both individual and children. Anlishan fulfilled the dream of publishing a picture album for his friend xu mu, and helped wu ying's child du bao to transform from a idling neet into a promising young man, to find a cook and a nanny for the orphaned haneqin. Let the matter mother hu aidi understand children need to have their own space this reason, to avoid their children's family emotional crisis. In the end, xu mu, who had been widowed for many years, gained the understanding of his sons and daughters, found the other half and got rid of loneliness. After all this, an-lishan died of liver cancer in the late stage. After his death, his comrades buried him in zhulin ya shou, which became an old man's paradise for the comrades.

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