Martial arts(TV)[2013]
Martial arts(TV)[2013]
Martial arts(TV)[2013]

Martial arts(TV)[2013]

Episode: 30 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Yang Yang Yang Yang Jiani Zhang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Siu Hung Cheung Xie Yi Hang Year: 2013
Genre: Modern | Fight | River lake | Martial arts | Love

《Martial arts》Episodes

TV drama "wu departed" also known as "the ultimate conquest" plot introduced: about 1937, Japan launched a war of aggression against China, on the eve of grew up raising Nian Sheng abbot was suddenly five lakes for assassination, forced to revenge the abbot went down the mountain Nian Sheng, halfway and save the distress of Han SiLing daughter Han MeiYu, from now on, be grateful of Han MeiYu heart no longer calm, she again and again to close involuntarily Nian Sheng, to cover for him. But zhongyitang boss Tang SiYe and communist party member Li ShaoFei were unwittingly involved in the Japanese army's aggressive pursuit of the communist party in order to retake the bacterial weapon formula. In the time of crisis, Nian Sheng resolutely accepted the difficult intelligence task and joined the defense forces. As a jianghu chivalrous man, Nian Sheng showed the magnanimity of fearless and unafraid in the battle against the Japanese army again and again. .

Plot Summary>>

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