Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

Zhao Xin Meng / Chiyoko Introduction

Zhao Xin Meng / Chiyoko
Zhao Xin Meng / Chiyoko (Yifei Tang Play)

Starring Tang Yifei will challenge the two roles, decorated with a pair of twin sisters separated by the war. Sister was kidnapped by the Japanese invaders, was trained as a Japanese spy - Hojo Chiyoda. Sister Zhao Xinmeng, the daughter of a high official of the Chinese military, was fortunate rescued after being subjected to a crying night as a victim of identity abduction. However, her decision afterwards was described by her netizens as "God Unfolding" - a mere Zhao Zhao Xin Meng Take the initiative to camouflage Chiyoda into the Japanese spy inside. As a result, the two sisters were caught in a spat of vortex war.

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