《黄土高天》Ep1:qin xuean accidentally picked up zhao xiujuan's mother-daughter team for inspection in fengyuan

Fengyuan brigade is an ordinary village along the Yellow River. With the spring breeze of reform and opening up, changes are taking place here quietly. His younger brother, qin xuecheng, is studying in a university in Beijing, crossing the Yellow River and stepping out of the yellow land. His life changed dramatically this spring. The elder brother, qin xuean, is a stocky and honest farmer. Although he knows little about the changes outside, he has no intention of accepting the fate. The reform and opening up have brought about changes in the countryside.

The inspection team will come to fengyuan brigade inspection work, fengyuan brigade's secretary zhang tianshun very anxious, because this year encountered drought, the village lack of grain, in order to cope with this inspection, he asked the county party committee's gao director to solve the food problem. Gao thought the inspection was very important and it was a political task, so he must be well received. In order to cope with the inspection tour, he borrowed the grain and the bread bun from the county to cope with the inspection tour.

Qin xuean is selling bench on jinshui station, zhao xiujuan and her mother out of the train, the mother suddenly fainted, zhao xiujuan in this life unfamiliar, very anxious. Zhao xiujuan and her mother had escaped from huaishui, anhui province. Qin xuean saw that they were very hungry. He took out his dry food and money and sent them to the hospital. Zhao asked him to help her to the end and save her mother. The kind qin xuean took them home.

Qin xuean's father, qin youliang, was an old secretary of the village before, also a lang zhong, after his father's diagnosis, zhao xiujuan's mother has rheumatism, as well as asthma. Grandma was sorry for them and decided to keep them, even if she didn't have enough to eat. Because grandma thinks, this is zhao xiujuan and their family fate.


Qin xuean's hand is very skillful, he made a crutch, let zhao xiujuan's mother use, zhao xiujuan thought qin xuean is a careful good man.

After hearing the broadcast, zhao xiujuan felt that feng yuan's life was really good. Qin told her that this was a deception. Zhao xiujuan and qin xuean queue in the team to receive grain, zhao xiujuan's appearance caused everyone's discussion, everyone kuo xiujuan good-looking. Branch secretary zhang tianshun found zhao xiujuan, asked the original committee, he asked people to zhao xiujuan button up, said she was blind flow, affecting social security.

Zhao xiujuan's mother heard that her daughter was detained, so anxious to find her daughter. Qin xuean's father, qin youliang, was very angry when he heard about it. The fierce zheng weidong brought people to qin xue jia, want to capture zhao xiujuan back, qin xuean from the guys do not let them arrest people.As the two sides were at loggerheads, zhang tianshun arrived, telling zheng that the most important task at the moment was to receive the inspection team, a political task, and that nothing could go wrong on the eve of the inspection team's arrival.

Zhang tianshun told zheng weidong to go to the dam and fill the water as soon as possible. He allocates everyone to do their duty, step by step, and makes the final preparations for the arrival of the inspection team.

Zhang lingzhi is the daughter of zhang tianshun. She is responsible for the introduction of the inspection team. Director gao thought zhang lingzhi was articulate and praised for her good speech. In the future, she could be transferred to the county radio station to work.

The bride of the village of hougou, whose wife was in the valley, did not know that she would have to return the white flour. When baogu came back, he was so angry that he thought he could not return the flour.

Hearing that fengyuan had stored water, liugayao's secretary shuerkui felt that fengyuan did not regard them as human beings, because jinshui encountered a once-in-a-decade drought, they are also short of water. Impulsively, he picked up a fellow to lead the villagers to fengyuan theory.

Baogu to find qinxuan, said her aunt made white flour soup, there is no way back, ask qinxuan to think of ways. See baogu ground nasty cry, the thick and virtuous qin xuean changed an face with him, wait for inspection group to go and fill up again deficit.

Yanerkui angrily accused fengyuan of not blocking the river for water storage, which is what they had said to fengyuan before, not illegal agreement. Gao advised liu2 kui to go back and help him to deal with the inspection team first. Zhang tianshun took the opportunity to tell gao that nian fengyuan and liujiayao were all in trouble because of the problem and asked him to find a way. Gao thought that zhang tianshun was doing it deliberately.

Zhao xiujuan sings fengyang flower drum specially in the courtyard, attracting the attention of the inspection team. The inspection team was very interested and wanted to see qin's house. Despite her reluctance, zhang brought the inspection team into the home. The inspection team asked about zhao xiujuan's situation, zhao xiujuan made a self-introduction, the inspection team thought that this year's qin family can also take in foreign residents very difficult.

When zhang tianshun saw that the inspection team had come to the qin family, he introduced it carefully. He said that the qin family was the most capable one in the team. His father, qin youliang, was lang zhong. His eldest son, qin xuean, was the captain of the second team. His second son, qin xuecheng, was admitted to Beijing agricultural university.

Zhao xiujuan is very clever, in order to be able to properly stay in fengyuan, she said zhang tianshun's good words, thinking that zhang tianshun carried the revolutionary feelings of the proletariat, and would accept themselves, and invited the inspection team to the kitchen to see the ordinary people's lives.

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