The smiling pride(TV)[1996]
The smiling pride(TV)[1996]

《The smiling pride》Cast

Ling HuChong Jackie Lui Play)

He was raised by Yue BuQun, the master of huashan school, and taught martial arts to become a great disciple of huashan school. Ling HuChong has a wild nature, generous and generous, bold and unrestrained, informal and playful, but has a high degree of loyalty, born chivalrous heart, and affectionate. Yue LingShan, a little girl who loves childhood friends and horses, met and fell in love with Ren YingYing, an "old woman", and became his soul mate. He eventually married and retired from the society.

Jackie Lui

Jackie Lui, born February 5, 1966 in Hong Kong, China, film and television actor in Hong Kong, China. Graduated from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 1990 signed Asia Television, and Jiang Hua, Wu Yongwei, Wan Yee Man together and called "twins double." In 1991, he participated in the film debut "Champion" as the actor, won the eleventh Hong Kong Awards for best newcomer nomination. In 1994, the termination of the contract with Asian television, Hong Kong signed a wireless television. In 1996 in the TV series "Swordsman" played Linghu Chong. In 2002, went to the development of the Chinese mainland, has starred in "embroidered Niang Lan Xin," "Foxtrot shadow", "Red Begonia" and other television. In January 2011, Jackie Lui starred in the drama "Modern Warriors" premiered at Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2013, starred in the drama "love longyou herbal incense." 2008 married Hong Kong female artist Mai Jingting.

Ren YingYing Fiona Leung Play)

Chapter 13, learning to play the piano. After Dong FangBuBai took power, she was revered as "holy gu". Beauty is as beautiful as fairy white jade. Ice and snow intelligent, resourceful, exquisite heart, clever, calculated strategy. Excellent sound, can one person piano flute division play "smile proudly river lake" song. When under his control when the enmity and the application, facing the enemy decisive ruthless hot, intelligent quiet. It's quite a show. Before the lover is shy shy, gentle atmosphere, full of the younger daughter's feelings. A bosom friend with Ling HuChong, a confidant and a confidant. She took the seriously wounded and dying Ling HuChong to the shaolin temple, and the plot of yi jin jing to save the lover's life is an important hidden line in the book. Eventually with Ling HuChong.

Fiona Leung

Fiona Leung, formerly known as Tony Leung, was discovered by scout in the early years, had shot ads, and then to the 1987 Super Star Contest to win the championship and become a wireless television artistes, the first drama became Jin Yong's famous "sword and hatred" actress Xiang Xiang Princess , Elegant and refined appearance acclaimed since then was TVB re-use, since the nineties began to become a star, has starred in "Angry Goose", "Heaven and Earth", "Equestrian Tycoon", "Swordsman", " Classic "and" Da Ma Dan ". Since its debut in 1998, the performing arts business has reached a low ebb and she has decided to leave TVB and become a salesman of health products. In early 2002, Fiona Leung became a Christian, baptized in December and later studied theology at Hong Kong Theological Seminary. As a Christian, she focuses on the church's work and is in charge of theology, intermittently filming gospel films, filming gospel films, To accept some gospel media visits, life is full and happy.

Yue LingShan Cherie Chan Play)

Ling HuChong's favorite child is Yue BuQun and Ning ZhongZe's daughter. From childhood and older brother, two people love each other and create a chong ling sword. Lin PingZhi, the later empathetic brother, misunderstood Ling HuChong and made Ling HuChong extremely sad, but helpless. Marry and Lin PingZhi, at songshan convention, Yue LingShan beat Ling HuChong with chong sword skills because Ling HuChong deliberately sought defeat. Empress empress and Lin PingZhi marry after, unexpectedly never with the same bed, two people actually have a name without solid couple. After Lin PingZhi turned against Yue BuQun, Lao DeNuo appeared to invite him to songshan mountain for collusion. At this time, Zuo LengChan was the only way for Lao DeNuo to attack Yue LingShan. Lin PingZhi stabbed Yue LingShan with his sword to show his heart. Yue LingShan still asked Ling HuChong to take care of Lin PingZhi before he died. Ling HuChong finally closed Lin PingZhi at the bottom of west lake. Ling HuChong watched his little sister's new grave with grief.

Cherie Chan

Cherie Chan, born September 9, 1976 in Hainan, China, Hong Kong actress. Asian Television's manager contract female artist. In 1993, 18-year-old Cherie Chan co-starred Tony Leung with the movie "Brother's Lover." In 1994, was Andy Lau fancy, joined the Canaveral movie company, in the movie "Heaven and Earth" co-starred with Andy Lau couple. In the same year, with the film "Three Summer" won the 13th Hong Kong Film Awards best new actor nomination. In 1995, joined the TVB wireless television. In 1996, participated in TVB Jin Yong martial arts drama "Swordsman", plays the second female teacher Yue Lingshan. In 2000, with the wireless termination, quit the entertainment. In 2008, Cherie Chan came back, signed ATV ATV, and filmed the drama "France Net".

Lin PingZhi Timmy Ho Play)

Timmy Ho

Timmy Ho Bo-Sang, a former wireless TV artist, was born in Hong Kong on November 15, 1967. In 1990 to join the wireless television artistes training courses, thus entry. In the training course has not graduated has been "Entertainment News Eye" producer fancy, appointment as the host of the show. January 1992 launch of the first solo album "Midsummer feelings", also has done music program host. Later Timmy HO was selected by Eric Tsang to participate in the TV series, a total of more than 20 TV series, during which also participated in the film performances. Timmy Ho Bo-Sang is a song, film, watch as an amphibious artist.

More《The smiling pride》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Zheng Bo Lin Tian BoGuang No introduction
He Meitian Yi Lin No introduction
(None) Yue BuQun No introduction
Chan Hung-lit Zuo LengChan No introduction
Lok Lam Law Ren WoXing No introduction
Chun-shun Lo Dong FangBuBai No introduction
Marco Li Yang LianTing No introduction
Hon Chi Lai Qu Yang No introduction
Leila Tong Qu FeiYan No introduction
Fong Pau Feng QingYang No introduction
(None) Xiang WenTian No introduction
Liang Qin chess Hei BaiZi No introduction
Lee Tu BiWeng No introduction
Joh Fai Kwong Dan QingSheng No introduction
Tiet Wo Chu Lin ZhenNan No introduction
Guouqing Cai Lao TouZi No introduction
Ka Sang Cheung Zu QianQiu No introduction
Ming Wa Goo Ji WuShi No introduction
Yiu-Cheung Lai Liu ZhengFeng No introduction
(None) Xiang DaNian No introduction
Biu Yau Mi WeiYi No introduction
Lily Li Ning ZhongZe No introduction
Wing-Chun Chan Lao DeNuo No introduction
Deng Ruchao Liang Fa No introduction
Li Jiaqiang Lu DaYou No introduction
Kong Wing Fai Ying BaiLuo No introduction
Lily Leung Ding XianShiTai No introduction
Lan Law Ding YiShiTai No introduction
Biu Ching Leung Ding JingShiTai No introduction
Siu Ping Cheng Yi He No introduction
Seung Yin Wan Yi Qing No introduction
Koei Leung Suet Mei Yi He No introduction
Tan Yi-ching Tian MenZhenRen No introduction
(None) Tian SongDaoZhang No introduction
(None) Yu JiZi No introduction
District Yue Yu MoZi No introduction
(None) Yu YinZi No introduction
Hoi Yan Wong Lin FuRen No introduction
Lei Cheng Mu GaoFeng No introduction
Ben Wong Tin-Dok You Xun No introduction
Sue Tam Lan FengHuang No introduction
Luo Guowei Lv ZhuWeng No introduction
Wai Shum Ping YiZhi No introduction
Chen Zhongjian Huang ZhongGong No introduction
So-Po Fung Long YaPoPo No introduction
Huazhong men Bu JieHeShang No introduction
SUEN KWAI HING Mo Da No introduction
Hoi San Lee Zhong Zhen No introduction
Wheat cloud Di Xiu No introduction
(None) Ding Mian No introduction
Ti-ko Chen Tong BaiXiong No introduction
(None) Lu Bai No introduction
(None) Cheng BuYou No introduction
Ching Kwan Yu CangHai No introduction
Ying Choi Cheung Fang ZhengDaShi No introduction
(None) Fang ShengDaShi No introduction
Siu Guan Lau Yu RenYan No introduction
Wai Tak Wong Hou RenYing No introduction
Daniel Kwok Hong RenXiong No introduction
MAK KA LUN Yu RenHao No introduction
(None) Luo RenJie No introduction
(None) Gu RenDa No introduction
Tak San Gwok Tao GenXian No introduction
Dizzying Tao ZhiXian No introduction
(None) Tao HuaXian No introduction
(None) Tao ShiXian No introduction
Chuen Hing Tam Chong LingDaoZhang No introduction

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