The river of blood(TV)[2017]
The river of blood(TV)[2017]
The river of blood(TV)[2017]

The river of blood(TV)[2017]

Episode: 52 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Tongsheng Han Yu Wang Yuanke Wang More>> Language: Mandarin
Year: 2017
Genre: S

《The river of blood》Episodes

Television series "the bounty of the Yangtze river and the Yangtze river past is introduced: the plot tells the story of two different family, two groups of people of different ideal, experienced a love-hate business shopping, but in the face of national crisis, when the underground party organization,) in the Chinese communist party, ethnic feelings to awaken, concerning the first to forgive, to unite, cooperate with the main body die to seal replaced the anti-japanese defence - ling battery position. And even sinking their own ship blocked the Japanese ship channel, completely crushed the Japanese invasion of the interior of the illusion. With family property, with flesh and blood, fight for life, build a river on the Great Wall. Their glorious twists and turns, highly legendary experience, condensed a song to save the national crisis ode & NBSP; .

Plot Summary>>

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