Eight dragons(TV)[1997]
Eight dragons(TV)[1997]

《Eight dragons》Ep2:episode 2

Da yuan supported qiao feng, who forced Kang Min to swear to keep the secret letter content. When shaolin xuanbei master was killed in Dali, qiao feng was worried that it would cause disputes between the two countries. He decided to go to Dali for investigation. Duan Yu, son of the south king of Dali town, had a kind heart, and his father Duan ZhengChun forced him to study martial arts. Shen nong (shen nong) seeks revenge against an infinite sword. Duan Yu tries to dissuade him. Zhong Ling frees lightning mink to save him. The master forced Duan Yu to break his bowels and let him go to his father wan to get the lightning antidote. Duan Yu strayed into the fairy sister cave and got the secret books of northern destiny and lingbo micro-step kung fu.

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