Episode: 24 Area: China Mainland
Stars: WHITE Jing-ru You Chen Ji More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Ke Deng Year: 2018
Genre: Republic of china | Reasoning | Suspense


The TV series “Douxiu” introduces the story: It is a folk detective Luo Fei who is eccentric but has high IQ. One is Qin XiaoMan, a bloody police detective who is young but has a superior combat force. The other is a handsome forensic expert, Ben JieMing. How to use a triangular combination to detonate reasoning sparks in a thrilling reconnaissance environment.

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The hidden crisis behind the most meticulous + most bizarre mysteries

The story of "Survey" took place in Shanghai during the Republic of China. Although the city was prosperous and prosperous, it continued to carry out all kinds of crimes, and the road to solving the case of "Survey" began slowly in this city. Different from other single case-solving suspense reasoning dramas, "Survey" not only contains suspense, horror elements, but also set action, adventure and other types in one. The bizarre cases are often accompanied by superb inquiries. In the probe, the final truth of the case often makes you feel unbelievable, but in order to taste the reasoning process of the protagonists in detail, you find that such results are unexpected and reasonable. It is reported that, from the preparation to the opening of the film, the “Survey” took more than four years, and it took more than three years for the script to be polished. It strived to create a suspenseful, logical and high-quality reasoning drama for the audience with plenty of preparation. In addition to the bizarre and rigorous case, rigorous and reasoned plots, the mysterious mastermind behind the unconstrained case is buried behind unrelated ordinary cases. What hidden conspiracy behind the intricate case? I look forward to the surprise of the audience in the future. In addition, the visual effect of “Survey” is also expected. It is learned that the “Probing” crew has carefully tailored the highly reputable costumes of the Republic of China for the protagonists in the drama and strives to use the special effects and high-quality details for the audience. Love enters the country and shares with the characters in the drama.

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High Energy Lineup: Yu Bai, Jing-ru You, Chen Ji

One is Luo Qi (Yu Bai), a quirky and highly intelligent civil detective. One is Qi Xiao Man (Jing XiaoMan) who is a fledgling but highly effective detective, and the other is a handsome forensic expert Ben Jie Ming ( Chen Ji, how does a seemingly inconvenient triangle combination detonate the spark of reasoning in a thrilling reconnaissance environment? Many netizens expressed their expectation.In the play, the corner of the hero “Lo Fei” is both a stranger and a graceful gentleman. Although he is a genius and a character is eccentric, it is very difficult for the two extreme characters to play together, and the actor Yu Bai has not only appeared in the criminal investigation. The suspense drama "Beauty is the stuffing", the uncle's uncle in life coincides with Luo Fei's Luo Fei, who eventually became the role of Luo Fei. In the play "Qin XiaoMan", Jing-ru You played the role of female squad leader Zhao Yingnan in the role of "Better than You in the Spring Breeze," and Zhao Yingnan's cool character and superior combat effectiveness Qin XiaoMan are exactly the same. At the opening ceremony, Jing-ru You also expressed his confidence in the role of policewoman Detective Qin XiaoMan. On the same day, Chen Ji, who played forensic Ben Jie Ming, also attended the ceremony. Chen Ji, who once played the three princes Yuanji in “Drunk Exquisiteness”, has a clear temperament. Although he is dressed in civilian clothes, he can give a sense of the role of “Ben JieMing”. At the opening ceremony, Yu Bai, Jing-ru You, and Chen Ji three people interacted with each other frequently. It seems that the “tricks of the crime scene” was unveiled for the first time.

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