Peace Mission(TV)[2009]
Peace Mission(TV)[2009]

《Peace Mission》Cast

Long HanSheng Xiaoning Zheng Play)

Iron army division commander, commander of high intelligence, holds a master's degree at Frunze military academy and National Defense University doctoral degree in strategy. Although he has highly educated, excellent military talent and excellent military command ability, he was initially thought to lack experience in military actual combat. For Iron Army division is more stringent requirements, often playing a "black face" role. Faced with the incompetence of the officers and soldiers of the Iron Army, he has the courage to shoulder his responsibility, challenge himself and hesitate to explore how the Iron Army can be transformed from a mechanized unit to an information-based unit. In the face of all kinds of difficulties, Long HanSheng has displayed the boldness and breadth of mind as a contemporary military.

Xiaoning Zheng

Xiaoning Zheng, born on November 6, 1961 in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, is a film and television actor in China. He was admitted to the Inner Mongolian Repertory Theater in 1976 and transferred to the Guangxi Repertory Theater in 1988. Zhejiang Tang Tak is now a contract signing artists. In 1980, starred in the first TV series "Joe director appointment". In 1989, shooting the more self-defending counterattack film "Snake Valley Jones", this is his first movie. In 2002, starring public security reasoning drama "the ultimate solution". In 2004, starring "passion trilogy" the ending piece "mother." In 2006, starred in the 85th anniversary of the founding of the film "Avenue of Heaven." In 2008, starring in Xinjiang theme drama "Xinjiang Guli." In 2009, with the first disastrous film "Human destiny" won the seventh Guangzhou University Film Festival best actor award. Starring in 2010 drama "founder." In 2011, starred in women's self-reliance of warmth drama "around the happiness." In 2012, starring in alternative anti-Japanese drama "little devil walked." In July 2014, the legendary drama "Big World" was shot. March 2017, starring adaptation of the fox fox tail urban emotional drama "South has trees," Xiaoning Zheng plays Li Xian's father, often love the country; March 18, shooting a costume idol youth mysterious drama " Tang Dynasty Night ", Xiaoning Zheng played King of Miluo kingdom; in July, starring adapted from the forensic Qin series of classic novels," Dead Man "Qin Ming", plays a crucial role in the development of the plot Zou Huai corner.

Xiao YunPeng Du Zhiguo Play)

Du Zhiguo

Du Zhiguo (born 29 September 1954) is a Chinese actor.

Zhan YiMing Qiang Wang Play)

The detachment of the navy dragon detachment, is the cross-use training of personnel personnel, from the Navy to the army on behalf of the military, its inner nuclear force is the military is prepared to defeat. Character fortitude, work attitude rigorous.

Qiang Wang

A psychotic killer (Leslie Cheung) threatens to kill one cop each day unless the police release his girlfriend (Ruby Wong) from custody.

Ma XiangQian Yiding Lv Play)

Yiding Lv

Yiding Lv (Formerly known as: Lu Rui Xi) was born in January 28, 1966 in Heilongjiang Province, mainland actor actor, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama Department of performance. In 1999 participated in the "founding leader Mao Zedong" decorated Anying, the film won the 20th Flying Star Award for first-time drama first prize. In 2008 participated in "Bing Feng" decorated with Cao Ren, the film won the 23 army "Venus Award" first drama award. In 2009 participated in the "fifth space" decorated Song Fei, the film won the 23 army "Venus Award" first drama award. In 2011, he starred in the eighteenth major gift drama "Gun Legend" as a singer Tang Jiliang. In 2013 he participated in the anti-Japanese drama "Battle of the Sky" decorated villain Tokugawa.

More《Peace Mission》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Xue Ju Yang Liu No introduction
Tiecheng Guo Ye ShuYang The leader of the Red Corps, with some conservative ideas, straightforward personality and temper, was unable to adapt to the new situation of modern military affairs and was able to wake up after repeated defeats and represented a tremendous change in the situation followed by the bottom ranks of our armed forces. Ye Qing Yang on the surface is a reckless Han, but as the Three Kingdoms period of Zhang Fei, rough and fine. Dare to remonstrance General, straightforward heart; and Long HanSheng positive contest, to vent dissatisfaction with all sorts of dilettante, cute and hated.
Hongtao Li Yao HeXin No introduction
Donghan Li Li Qiang Tiejun division commander, blood gas Fang Gang. From resolute tenacity in preparation for training to taking a decisive role in the exercise and finally winning unity through solidarity and cooperation with his comrades in arms, he has always demonstrated his unyielding performance.
Xiaoqiang Li Cheng ShiYi No introduction
Jingming Shi Tang Feng No introduction
Shuo Yang Lin Hu No introduction
(None) Ou YangChun No introduction
Yufeng Li Chen HaiTao No introduction
(None) Lv Pin No introduction
Lin Shi Pang Xiao No introduction
(None) Ai Lian No introduction
Shengwen Yang Xiu Ling No introduction
(None) Wen YuKui No introduction
Zhou Yi Zhang XueJin No introduction
(None) Li ChunShan No introduction
(None) Lie AngNuoFu No introduction
(None) Pu LuoQinKe No introduction

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