Life and death line(TV)[2009]
Life and death line(TV)[2009]

《Life and death line》Cast

Ou YangShanChuan Fan Liao Play)

CCP intelligence officer, latent status is Guining female Mandarin teacher. Eleven years after being wanted, fleeing and lurking, he brought a bullet in his skull that made him die. He was weak but energetic, self-serving as a short-lived demon, but increasingly desperate to do more when he was alive. He hated his inaction and even displeased Si Feng around him.

Fan Liao

Liao Fan (Chinese: 廖凡; born in Changsha, 14 February 1974) is a Chinese film and theatre actor. He is a graduate of Shanghai Theatre Academy. In February 2014 he won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, for his performance in the film Black Coal, Thin Ice (directed by Diao Yinan).

Si DaoFeng Shuo Yang Play)

Urban proletarians, who came from underworld but were unhappy with the law of the jungle of the underworld, were willing to live with the poor coy of his age. He has a strong sense of rebellious thinking and anti-order tendency, very often very asshole. His identity is very complicated. He is also the leader of the rickshaw rickshaw that launches his car. The nephew of Sha GuanZhi, the grandmaster of the Salmonella, Li Lianye's younger brother of the drama villain, and later the leader of the Putin anti-Japanese movement, Ouyang The only partner in the eight-year war. In contrast, Ouyang holding behind the scenes, he really is no one nobody knows guinness big hero - only the bones never mature before.

Shuo Yang

Yang Shuo was born on January 2, 1983 in Yichun, Heilongjiang Province. He is a film and television actor in the Mainland of China and graduated from the undergraduate course of performance at the Central Academy of Drama. In 2004, starred in the first personal TV series "love in the left, right in the right", which officially entered the showbiz. In 2007, starring young love inspirational drama "happy tears." In 2008, in the war drama "life and death line" in the play four winds. 2010, won the Spring TV series Internet Festival best newcomer award. In 2011, the starring youth inspirational drama "Ant tribe" premiered. In 2012, the comedy action movie "Golden Robbery" was released. In the same year, Yu Huanlong was played in the legendary play "The Knife-Hakka Woman". In 2013, the most influential brand in China received the media attention Star Award. In 2014, he was awarded the top ten performer awards in the Tenth National TV and Film Industry Awards. In 2015, starred in science fiction suspense drama "hidden motivation." In 2016, the premiere debut of the urban career drama "Ode to Joy", featuring Bao Yi Fan in the play. In 2017, she was awarded the Leapfrog Drama of the Year for Chinese TV Series; In the same year, she starred in the fashion idol drama "Returning the World to You"; and on December 8, she was awarded the "Attracting Star of Attraction for the Year by the Commercial Star Power Pinot Noir Festival".

He MoXiu Yi Zhang Play)

He grew up in Europe, the Gunin, his father and Gao SanBao is the world. His knowledge is almost perfect, both Chinese and Western liberal arts Jie Li, the world is an indelible book to him. This habit made him far away from a mess of Guinin, though he tried very hard to get closer. The only person who did not have a book for him was Gao Xin, who was crazy about Gao Xin and used his westernized gentleman's style and Hundreds of Rouge in the East. His real estate was atomic physics, Madame Curie's industry, Germany's Heinleitz studio, the United States has Manhattan engineering, including Einstein are cutting-edge science, the ultimate guideline is 1945 Atomic bomb.

Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang, born February 17, 1978 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, is an actor in mainland China. From 1997 to 2006, he served in the comrade-in-arms repertory theater of the Political Department of the Beijing Military Region. In 2006, starring in the theme of military inspirational drama "soldier assault." In 2009, Yi Zhang starred in the war drama "My Head, My Troupe," which won the honor of "The Most Admired TV Image" in the 2009 Chinese TV series by Yi Zhang. In September, starring Kong Sheng directed the battle line "Life and Death Line" . In 2010, starring in modern love theme drama "Corps years." In 2011, starring in the history of television drama "Iron Age." In 2012, starring of urban emotional drama "Beijing love story." In the same year, starring in the legendary movie "Pifu." In 2013, starring urban emotional drama "rag woman also has spring"; the same year, starring in contemporary urban marriage love drama "hot mom." In September 2014, Yi Zhang starred in the hit movie "Dear," and won the Best Supporting Actor Award for the 30th Chinese Golden Rooster Award for his acting director Han Dezhong. May 2015, starring family story "mountains and rivers". In September 2016, starring in black humor suspense film "chaser who also"; the same year, starring war drama "good guy"; then starring youth crime movie "juvenile." In January 2017, starring urban emotional drama "guardian beauty" broadcast. In April 2017, Yi Zhang was honored with the annual actor award of the 8th China Film Directors' Association for "Chasing the Killer". On June 16, 2017, Yi Zhang won the Best Actor Award for the Magnolia Awards at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival with "Flying Chicken".

Long WenZhang Jerry Lee Play)

Lieutenant Lieutenant Ning Ningguards regiment, is also the head of Jiang WuTang's darling. Military character, a shot in the mid-air rifle, virtually the appearance of the new military elite that era. Bones and the so-called new army of that era full of immature and unstable factors, called the hero, the limelight, a good exaggeration of the words, to deny others, the mood is also very unstable, ecstasy and sometimes depression, easily be outside It is said that some aspects are not even as mature as Si Dao Feng.

Jerry Lee

Li Chen, also known as Jerry Li, is a Chinese actor. He is best known for being a cast member in the variety show Keep Running.

More《Life and death line》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Xiawei Lv Si Feng As a nominal wife of Ouyang, she has been covering and taking care of the foreign comrades for the entire three years around Ouyang. They are gay and lesbian gay relations. Her public identity is a go-getter for a canteen, and Ouyang lives together with her life. In fact, Si Feng is actually his leader, the commander of the underground Guinness, the code-named Tang, and the only one in Putin who has the power to order him.
Hui Fang Tang Zhen Ouyang students, compared with Gao Xin is the best student, gentle personality, easy to learn, shy to speak with Ouyang are blushing, even when the whole city parade can not be successful still adhere to their own studies. Her poor family, has been taking care of his paralyzed father and ignorant brother, the elder brother is almost all her hopes in life, her highest ideal is to finish her studies can take up the family.
Liwen Wang Gao Xin Ouyang students are the only daughter of Gao SanBao, the richest man in Putin, who is the one who is most uncomfortable with class in the class. Her youthful bright, mouth to give, the character cheesy. She seems forever interested in things she does not know about, such as the war of resistance against Japan, such as revolution, such as the parade, and finally ... Si Dao Feng, who became a hero of the anti-Japanese war, is good at romance in flesh and blood beautiful.
Tianzuo Liu Dou LiuPin No introduction
Chengfeng Xu Zhang GuChuanHongCi He is the commander of a brigade of a division of the Japanese Army. He was a Japanese military intelligence officer in China. He can speak very pure Chinese, knows well Chinese culture, and knows more about Guining's well-being culture than the Chinese people. He is extremely good at using psychological warfare. At the time of attack on Putin, a few counts of concurrency occurred. As a detachment of troops detachment occupied Shanghai-Nanjing one after another, there was no use for the garrison army that had died in one's death. However, the good fortune of Zhang GuChuan stopped here. The guerrilla warfare of guerrillas that lasted for nearly eight years can no longer be unplugged.
Jingmin Luo Sha GuanZhi No introduction
Ni Dahong Gao SanBao No introduction
Shuangbao Wang Jiang WuTang No introduction
Da Zhao Hua ShengDunWu No introduction
Chengfeng Xu Zhang GuChuan No introduction
Zifeng Gao Li LiuYe No introduction
Shuai Ren Gu Shuo No introduction
Hou Xiang Ba Jin No introduction
Yang Yue Liao JinTou No introduction
Hong Wang Chen LiuQi No introduction
(None) You Chai No introduction
Kenichi Miura Yi DaXueZhiCheng No introduction
Zhao Kai Yu DuoTian No introduction
(None) Long Ma No introduction
Tenma Shibuya Du Bian No introduction
Yongquan Wang Zhao LaoDa No introduction
Jianqiao Du Pi XiaoZhao No introduction
(None) Man TianXing No introduction
Xiguo Wu Quan Fu No introduction
Jane Chuan 訸 Shen Qi No introduction
Tielong Shang Da HeCunCunZhang No introduction
(None) Lo pull the old Luo No introduction
(None) Liang TeWu No introduction
Sang handsome Da HeCunCanMou No introduction
Peng Wei Wang Kai No introduction

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