Jiang WenJing Sun Yi (actress) Play)


Sun Yi (actress)

Sun Yi (Chinese: 孙怡, born 4 June 1993) is a Chinese actress.

Ren TianYu Zhang Hao only Play)


Zhang Hao only

Zhang Hao only is a film and television actor. The recent participation in the work was the school love IP drama "OperationLove" jointly produced by SMG Shangshi Film and Tencent Video. Zhang Hao only was the main actor.

Yin Chuan Yuchen Zhu Play)


Yuchen Zhu

Zhu Yuchen (Chinese: 朱雨辰; pinyin: Zhū Yǔchén; born February 27, 1979) is a Chinese film actor.

Yu KaiYin Vivi Wang Play)

Vivi Wang

Vivi Wang, Mainland Actress, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy undergraduate. In 2003, Vivi Wang plays "Chen Fifi" in the "untouchable truth"; in 2007 she plays the role of "Qiu Ju" in the TV drama "Huizhou Woman"; in September 2011 she performed "Heart Surgery" starring Wu Xiu-bo in the play Play "Zhao Wen Valley"; January 2013 in the "Children difficult to support" officially aired, as the heroine "Xu Zhaoyi."


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Ming Fan Hu FangQuan No introduction
Ning flowers Zhang ChongXuan No introduction
Wang Weishen —— No introduction

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