Marry the princess(TV)[2018]
Marry the princess(TV)[2018]

《Marry the princess》Character Relationships

TV《Marry the princess》the relationship is what?What kind of relationship between the various personal roles?Now let's take a look the Linkeddb origina 《Marry the princess》 Character Relationships:

《Marry the princess》Introduction Of The Main Characters Relationships

Yu WenYong

The ventral emperor is domineering

Liu Jing

Chen guotai fu's daughter, the character is forthright. Forced to marry the emperor Yu WenYong as an alternate to marry the princess.

Yu WenZhao

Milk sweet prince sweet all over

Yue YaEr

A clever servant girl fights against the harem

Tang Wan

The beautiful spy is doomed to be infatuated

Du GuCheng

The direct son of the courtier Du GuJin. Being trained by his father as the successor of big week, Yu WenYong, the holy father of the dynasty, became a puppet emperor. Du GuCheng, aloof, cold and silent, fell in love with Tang Wan, the emperor's most loyal spy. Du GuCheng was faced with a difficult choice in the face of his father's lifelong calculation and love.

Chen Ke

The despotic prince ruffian goes online

Chen Yun

Prince charming and elegant

Du GuJin

The duke of chengfu had ambitions

Bi DaYong

Wit father-in-law is funny

Yan AnLing

Sharp beauty is a silly stratagem

Lin Chuan

The real princess was mysteriously transferred

Zhao CaiEr

She was sent to the imperial palace by her lover Du GuJin to spy on the emperor. She was gentle and aloof when facing the emperor. In fact, she was scheming to get rid of the princess for her happiness. Although is the bad matter do all but also have pitiful place, for oneself beloved man, not hesitate to sell oneself, the end get however is betray, think oneself clever person outstanding, actually always is the chess piece of other people hand, be used.

Li TaiHou

Wise empress dowager cannot choose right from left

Liu ZeNing

No introduction

Huo Yi

The flying bodyguard was nowhere to be seen

Lan Dong

Top doctors are back on their feet



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