Cheng ZhenZhen Angelababy Play)

Love and a garden shop sales, Shao PengCheng partner, frank pure personality, sociable way rink hijinks tao lung, for the disadvantage of house never conceal, such a character appears to be obstacles in her work, actually helped her get counter attack for the gold medal agent. Cheng ZhenZhen and Shao PengCheng have formed a good tacit understanding in their work and become the best partner, although their life style and work style are completely different.


Angela Yeung Wing, better known by her stage name Angelababy, is a Chinese model, actress, and singer based in Hong Kong. Her stage name came from the combination of her English name "Angela" and her nickname "Baby".

Shao PengCheng Lun Deng Play)

Cheng had only one child, who love and home, ZhenZhen partner, with a dude, above his father founded real estate business, for the sake of so-called freedom, accept the challenge of the father hide identity came to love and a garden shop, and Cheng ZhenZhen become partner. Without any experience, he and Cheng ZhenZhen, a new salesman, are very different from each other in both life style and work style, but they become the best partners at work.

Lun Deng

Deng Lun is a Chinese actor.

Jing Ran Zhu Yi Long Play)

Interior designer, handsome and handsome appearance, is a rational, introverted, extremely self-principled person. Due to the loss of my father in a young age, Jing Ran has a cold personality due to the lack of family. Her design works always try to be complete and reasonable and ignore the breath of life. Then, met in the sell good and brave Cheng ZhenZhen, from the beginning of distrust to remove misunderstanding, in the process of Jing Ran gradually understand their problems existing in the design and the mother for the guardian of "home". [6]

Zhu Yi Long

Zhu Yi Long, born on April 16, 1988 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is an actor in mainland China and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Performance 2006 from the Beijing Film Academy. In 2009, starred in the first film "Regeneration Fate"; In 2010 he took part in costume series "Daming concubines"; In 2012, he plays Feng Douzi in his family emotion light comedy "Family Feast"; In 2014, "Plays a wealthy young master, late Swiss, and subsequently, with the role in January 26, 2015 Asian influence oriental festival has the most potential actor award; in 2015 due to the costume historical drama" Ji month pass "as Qin Zhaoxiang Wang Miao In February 2016, in the costume martial arts drama "Shin Xiao 11 Lang" plays a dazzling, both civil and military-free village less Zhuang main citylink; July, in the martial arts novel "new city prodigal son" Played black black knife Fu Hongxue.

Bai YaRu Di Xu Play)

丈夫去世早,一个人拉扯儿子,把儿子送出国培养成了著名设计师。 Bai YaRu 跟儿子出国后,很不适应,她又不想强迫儿子放弃自己的工作,不好意思跟儿子开口,最后逐渐产生了焦虑抑郁的情绪。

Di Xu

Di Xu, born in July 1958 in Beijing, China. Beijing opera troupe actor, a national actor. In 1978, Di Xu graduated from Beijing Opera School. Di Xu's debut works are "Yang Naizu and Chinese cabbage." In 1987, Qiao Jun was played in the TV series "The Camera Came to the Grand Courtyard." In 1988, she won the Outstanding Performance Award in the Beijing Young Opera Actor Awards Competition. In 1994 CCTV version of the drama "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" as Mrs. Gan. In 1995, Zhang Ping was played in the TV series "Starting Parking." In 1997 won the fourteenth Chinese drama "Plum Blossom Award", is the first drama in Beijing opera won the prize for the drama actress. In 2004, Di Xu made a Beijing melodrama solo album. In August 2011, Chen Xiaoyi starred in the emotional ethics drama "My Father and Mother," Cui Huaiangniang. In November of the same year, she starred in a novel entitled "Under-happy" after her 80-year marriage based on the novel of the same name. Teacher Joe; then partner Li Jian, filming the family emotional drama "mother and child of only child", plays in the play Shu a Lok's mother Wang Xizhen; Later, and Zhang Guoli partner Lv Xiaopin directed family ethics bitter drama "look at these two Family "decorated Liu Guifang. In 2014, he cooperated with Li Xiaolan and played Wang Huijuan in the TV series "The Great Man"; the same year, she collaborated with Sha Yi and Masu and played Zhao Wenping in the pre-marriage rule of the TV play. In 2015, he cooperated with Andy Lau and Jing Bo Ran to play Zeng Shuai's mother in the film "Lost Children".


Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Kai Tan Mu YunPing 爱与家董事长特助,事业心强,一门心思扑在工作上,作为单身父亲更是疏于对儿子和家庭的照顾。在工作中, Mu YunPing 也慢慢寻找到自己内心柔软的部分,对曾店长产生了怜惜之情。
Xiaofeng Li Ceng HuiMin Cheng ZhenZhen and Shao PengCheng belong to the store manager of "real estate intermediary" [2]
Xinyi Li Hao MeiLi No introduction
Zhang late Italian Fu XiaoNing 房屋中介。梦想婚后买一套属于自己的房子,在大城市中阳光乐观的奋斗着。因为一些特殊原因而隐藏恋情,树立着单身男青年的形象。在充满物欲的大城市中, Fu XiaoNing 代表了都市年轻人在现实面前的无奈,面对守护和追求两重感情抉择,真爱虽然会在现实面前遇到妥协,但终究没有被现实击破。
Anlian Yao Shao Jian No introduction
Tian XiWei Xi Shan 为了男友 Fu XiaoNing 只身来到上海,也成为了一名房产中介。因为与 Fu XiaoNing 在同一家公司,两人不得不隐瞒恋人的身份, Xi Shan 就成了 Fu XiaoNing 名义上的表妹,同时也开启了甜蜜的地下恋情。
Xu Hao Luo ZuEr 白富美, Shao PengCheng 的青梅竹马,性格直爽行事干脆,对待爱情真挚又执着。虽然一直被 Shao PengCheng 拒绝,但是她从不气馁,她对爱情有一套自己的认知:要是看见喜欢的人就特别开心,要是看不见,就觉得心里不踏实,要是被忽视了会特别生气,看到 Shao PengCheng 和别的异性在一起就会嫉妒。
Ni Dahong Cheng Fu No introduction
(None) Cheng Mu No introduction
Tielong Shang Zeng Fu No introduction
Reed green Ceng Mu No introduction
Chengshun Zhao Tian Fu No introduction
Jiali Ding Tian Mu No introduction
Kun Yang Yu Mu No introduction
An Shi Tian XianSheng No introduction
Wanzi Xiao Yu QianQian No introduction
Yunhao Song Lin ZhiXuan No introduction
Deshun Wang Zhong AMao No introduction
Yanshu Wu Chen BiJun No introduction
Tiantian Fan Lan Jie No introduction
(None) Yang XianSheng No introduction
(None) Yang TaiTai No introduction
Xiu Meng Li AYi No introduction
Ren Min Li AYiZhangFu No introduction
(None) Fei Fei No introduction
High-fructose corn syrup Jin DaZhong No introduction
Lifan Dong Jin TaiTai No introduction

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