The chimes of a chinese parasol(TV)[2018]
The chimes of a chinese parasol(TV)[2018]

《The chimes of a chinese parasol》Episodes

Also known as the bell of the bund, this TV series tells the story of Du XinSheng and yu peipei, two students with deep feelings. Yu's grandmother, he Yin, a professor at music college, was picked up by red guards as a still from the reactionary academic authority, and was often criticized. Du XinSheng and his younger brother duxin root care about yu pei pei very much. To protect yu pei pei's home that precious Italian cello was not stolen by the red guards. Du XinSheng went to ask his father who worked in the custom bell tower for help. Du hid the cello in the bell tower. Lao HuZaoYeYe's grandson, ah da, doesn't have to go to the countryside. The woman sent her daughter, manjuan, away to yunnan. Du XinSheng became the keeper of the custom's big bell instead of his father. So he doesn't have to go to the countryside. Master miao led the disciple to maintain the big bell every day, explaining the origin of the big bell and the structure and principle of each part of the big bell. I am deeply in love with big bell, wiping it and maintaining it. Xin fang and ah da worked in the countryside, loved each other and tasted the forbidden fruit. Xinsheng receives the telegram of jing county, hurries to the country immediately. It turned out that xinfang was pregnant and adah was sent to the virgin forest as a forest ranger for hooliganism. Xinsheng brought his sister back to Shanghai. MAO ah da swore to heart, strive for a good performance to return to Shanghai and heart fang reunion as soon as possible. Back in the wutong heart fang because of unmarried pregnancy was discussed by the neighborhood. MAO adah was killed in the forest by a mob of pirates. The whole family kept secret from xinfang, xinfang hunger strike after knowing the truth, in the comfort of family determined to give birth safely. Xin fang died in childbirth, gave birth to a daughter named anan. Du's family is in mourning. Du XinSheng blamed herself for her sister's fate. She came to the countryside in her place. Xinsheng adopted anan as her own daughter to take care of her. .

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